Shipping container restaurant

shipping container restaurant shipping container restaurant

Although the shipping container gives a rustic industrial look which draws people to the restaurant. The horizontal shipping container makes a bold statement and a talking point as well as an interesting attraction as visitors can view the unit from inside. For more information on the restaurant please feel free to visit their site.

Shipping Container Restaurant – China

Looks like China is getting in on the Shipping Container buildings although not the first project I have come across, although most are modular buildings being sold for export prefabricated and fitted in China. The seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China is a different setup though as its using recycled containers and part of the Beitang Container Project. Not a lot of information on Beitang can be found online although does seem to be some major fish food production going on in the region. The smart thing with the container design though is the utilization of roof spaces for seating as it obviously makes a lot of sense to put the diners in the open air and create a secondary seating area.

Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China

Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China

Wish I could find more information on this project but there doesn’t seem to be much on the internet and I can see this is likely to be a fairly large scale project with more interesting photos from inside etc but can’t locate them. If your in the region or have photos please send them over as I would love to share them on this article with everyone. Also if you have more information on the Beitang Container Project and if its an ongoing project or if they have multiple sites etc would also be interested to know more.

Singapore Takeout–Shipping container restaurant/kitchen that’s been travelling the world.

singpore takeout - shipping container kitchen

Singapore being forward thinking has not gone for waiting for people to come and try the cuisine but to bring the cuisine to the world stage by introducing its mobile kitchen/restaurant. On top of the obvious food trade there is also a Global Chef Exchange on offer to encourage exchanging of ideas and expand food opportunities. There is also and has been opportunity to meet the organisers and representatives from Singapore’s food producers to help expand trade and understanding in what Singapore has to offer on the plate.

The 20ft shipping container is fitted out as a modern kitchen to deal with the vast interest in the food cuisine both new and old. The tour began in London but is also doing the rounds in Paris,Moscow,New York,Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, Dubai and also Syndey.

A great idea for spreading culinary tastes and delights from Singapore as well as a unique talking point.


singpore takeout - shipping container kitchensingpore takeout - shipping container kitchensingpore takeout - shipping container kitchen

Dates and venues of Singapore Takeout tour:

London ( 9 – 11 Jun 2011)
Chef Janice Wong (2am:dessertbar)
Paris ( 30 Jun – 2 Jul 2011)
Chef André Chiang (Restaurant André)
Moscow (15 – 17 Jul 2011)
Chef Ryan Clift (Tippling Club)
Chef Daniel Sia (The Disgruntled Chef)
New York  (16 – 18 Sep 2011)
Chef Malcolm Lee (Candlenut Kitchen)
Hong Kong (10 – 12 Nov 2011)
Chef Armin Leitgeb (Les Amis)
Shanghai (1 – 3 Dec 2011)
Chef Willin Low (Wild Rocket)
Delhi (13 – 15 Jan 2012)
Chef Benjamin Seck (True Blue Cuisine)
Dubai (19 – 20 Feb 2012)
Chef Haikal Johari (winner of Channel News Asia’s “Perfect Meal” in 2009)
Sydney (30 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)
Team from Iggy’s

Fantastic modern restaurant using a shipping container building

When you look at the photo your probably thinking is this it? In reality though its a lot flasher and modern than it looks in a photograph and would advise watching the video to see why this is a perfect design for venue and entertainment buildings. The Montreal Muvbox Restaurant goes from shipping container to fully functional restaurant in around 90 seconds.image