Starbucks Seattle–Shipping container Cafe

starbucks shipping container drive through

Not the first shipping container cafe by Starbucks but its still heading in the right direction of recycling shipping containers.

The fact is unfortunately or maybe not? Shipping containers have become fashionably green. Myself its not about being green but more to the fact it makes a lot of sense recycling containers for homes,offices and other buildings. But Peter Demaria who’s part of this project from said “Due to the trade imbalance with China, millions of containers are left in our ports every year,”. I would like to add this trend is changing rather rapidly with the current recessions round the world. In reality the containers we are seeing stuck at ports may not be so readily available in the future as more goods may end up having to be manufactured at home due to the fact most industries have now gone to China. You can only export so much trade until countries wake up to the fact they need to start developing their own manufacturing and not just rely on cheap imports as it damages the economy.

Recycling the containers though takes only five per cent of the energy that melting down the steel it a beam for example. Often greens will be pushing the fact the containers shouldn’t exist in the first place but in reality they are already here! Lets deal with the surplus as the lowering imports will no doubt reduce the numbers of containers.

Back on to Starbucks new cafe, Mr Demaria has worked on other shipping container building projects already including a house in Redondo Beach, gallery and a condo building in other locations within the United States.

What we are seeing with the Starbucks container building though is a prototype being put together its unique not only in the steel container design but also that it will be drive-up and walk-up only with no space to lounge inside.

And it will be portable, he said, easy to break it down and transport somewhere else. “We see a lot of opportunities here,” he said. “We can put a store like this on a lot that will be developed someday but is free for two or three years, and then we can move it.”

Also Starbucks is looking to the fact it imports tea, coffee and other products into the United States as well as other countries and would like to see the containers not going to waste.

$10,000 Shipping Container Home

$10k 1280 sq ft Container Home

I came across this ranch styled shipping container design which uses a concept I have seen several times generated in real homes, that’s to use 2 large containers on the exterior and then build a roof span across giving a large open area in the middle. Looks pretty cool when completed in real and obviously from a design point of view very quick to get the basic containers in place followed by the roof.

I can see this being very viable where land use isn’t an issue or the fact your only looking for a single layer dwelling such as disabled use. Adapting openings into the containers you could alter the entire layout to something that offers more space for bedroom use etc.

Design and website can be found at

Budget Shipping Container Home

I like this container home because its simple. But also because it shows with a limited budget and regular cash flow you can start with a container and work towards a fully functioning home. Yes its nowhere near finished but at the same time its got everything they currently need and is even open to the elements to allow a more natural surroundings way of life. If anything it shows you can go off the debt map and go your on way when it comes to owning your own home. Take your time, do what you can yourself and learn to salvage you can save fortune and get your own home for a small budget.

Shipping Container Pool Room

There is something about the bright green mixed amongst a natural background making these shipping container buildings look fresh and inviting. The other thing I like about the first building is the number of pools I have been to in the Philippines that have very poorly built shower areas to wash off in that you often feel its a last resort going in them. These types of buildings are much easier to maintain as well as cheap to install. For the private pool or weekend retreat it creates a great spot to just chill out or get changed. Either way another great use of recycled shipping containers.

shipping container changing rooms shipping container pool room bright shipping container design shipping container garden retreat

Basic worker unit (20ft x 1 = sleeps 4)

basic worker container unit 

This unit may seem a bit basic but it all depends on your location. For example living out here in the Philippines I often see people sleeping outdoors as they find it cooler. Which also means they are not as fussy as many westerners are which is why something like this works. Its not only for the purpose of sleeping but the ability to move to where its needed as well as offering a secure environment for possessions make the design basic,cheap and functional.

basic worker shipping container quarters

Designed and built by TS Cabin & Container

Container home – Kharkov Ukraine

The design of the house is simple but elegant using the hillside at the back of the property as a footing allowing also to be used possibly as a wind break from the elements. The openness of the surrounding area allows for the property to have some beautiful views to the pool side of the property. This was part of the design to give 180 degrees of viewing of the surrounding areas giving it a more natural feel to the property.

The decked pool area also gives another area to relax and building the pool long and narrow gives the ability of swimming lengths without too much waste of space. As well as in keeping with the container design of the home.

shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine

Shipping Container Eco Loft Rises – South America

Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane

Amongst a dense pine forest near Uruguayan beaches is Container Design Loft, a luxurious bright red hotel made from stacked shipping containers.The entrepreneur and Alejandra Dellepiane created this high class accommodation complete with nouvelle cuisine. The shipping container lofts offer eco tourism offers up relaxation as well as sports facilities in a localised environment. On top of that organic food much of which is grown on site in surroundings that are in keeping with this amazing South American country which offers up dunes and deep blue sea to wind the hours away.

A bit of information on the owner is that she moved to Los Angeles at the spring age of 18 and after working at some top restaurants began cooking privately for TV stars including Steven Spielberg, Blake Edwards, Julie Andrews, Danni de Vito, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Barbara Streisand.

When she fell pregnant she decided to make the move back home to South America relocating to Punta del Este an area famous for its expensive luxury living. She quickly found opening a restaurant for the jet set was an instant success. Drawing on her experiences and knowledge instead of managing her own business she decided to create a concept for Philippe Stark’s luxurious Yoo Tower, which opened in Punta del Este two years ago.

Building on the experience of that she has now moved to the next town along which is an isolated fishing town called Jose Ignacio where herself another chef Emmanuel Romano and architect father came up with the Container Design Loft.

Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane

Shipping Container Restaurant – China

Looks like China is getting in on the Shipping Container buildings although not the first project I have come across, although most are modular buildings being sold for export prefabricated and fitted in China. The seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China is a different setup though as its using recycled containers and part of the Beitang Container Project. Not a lot of information on Beitang can be found online although does seem to be some major fish food production going on in the region. The smart thing with the container design though is the utilization of roof spaces for seating as it obviously makes a lot of sense to put the diners in the open air and create a secondary seating area.

Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China

Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China

Wish I could find more information on this project but there doesn’t seem to be much on the internet and I can see this is likely to be a fairly large scale project with more interesting photos from inside etc but can’t locate them. If your in the region or have photos please send them over as I would love to share them on this article with everyone. Also if you have more information on the Beitang Container Project and if its an ongoing project or if they have multiple sites etc would also be interested to know more.