Freight Into Homes Will It Continue With The Recession?

I have already heard of some people struggling to get hold of shipping containers due to demand at the same time I do believe its more of a regional problem as freight containers end up more in ports than obscure areas of a country. Fact is the governments may be telling us its all a glitch, a recession, something that will just go away but in reality we have been importing way more than the economies of Western countries can afford to pay for. On top of this when I look round I see most of the stuff is things we don’t even need. So is it a bad thing if all this stuff travelling half way round the world reduces and you don’t get this years replica shirt of your favourite sports personality? I don’t think so as simply consumerism is a beast that has almost brought the West to its knees about time freight being imported was re-evaluated and even tighter embargo’s being put into place to help reduce debt.

Freight into homes is still not a problem even with the rise of people picking up on the shipping container living simply because there are millions of containers sat in ports all over the place. A reduce in freight tied with the recession means that shipping containers are just as likely to stay in ports if not more as quantities of goods reduce. I am sure even if container living when mass production in recycling containers we still wouldn’t get through the excess stock over a 10 year period. So those thinking its a fad and that shipping container prices may get out of control due to demand, I would just say its not going to happen. If anything rethinks of shipping containers is going to happen and redesigns such as foldable containers are going to be more and more on the market if the container business stayed the way it is. On the other hand with huge drops in exchange rates in the last few years its more likely we are going to see more containers on return journeys and a balance of trade starting to develop, Time will tell.

Restaurant Fabricated From A Shipping Container – Cebu, Philippines

Restaurant Fabricated From A Shipping Container - Cebu, Philippines

There is often a saying in the Philippines want to make a small fortune in the Philippines start with a big one. In reality a lot of is down to the way the country functions but also the fact the way people spend their money. Investing heavily in a restaurant for example may not pay off purely because even a McDonalds is too expensive for the majority of people especially on a regular basis. But this is where a lot of people go wrong because no point investing heavily in a building that you “lease the land on” or going over the top with decor for local people generally they aren’t bothered. I don’t here people whining about mosquito’s or the heat especially when it comes to price! E.g. air con restaurant and pay twice as much for a burger or sitting outside 9/10 saving money comes first. This is why this restaurant works and sits opposite one of the biggest shopping malls in Cebu,Philippines. Its within walking distance of the port so obvious where all the shipping container panels came from but as you can see serves its purpose even if its not pretty.