Wall sheet Rock Installation – Shipping Container Home

It took less than a day to install the sheet rock. Next is to tape the joints and texture that’s hopefully tomorrow’s job. After that its onto the painting which means I have to decide on what colours I want the walls. Looking forward to the power being on so I can get the air conditioning working.

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Inside Shipping Container Student Accommodation

Odd thing about these modular units are they seem very narrow but still very functional. A great option in comparison to one of the students current accommodation which is something people forget. Especially in towns and cities with a high student population any spare room suddenly becomes a studio apartment making a shoebox home an overpriced reality. These shipping container solutions are no doubt on par with the rent but the space,design and functionality are a lot better as they are designed round the student usage rather than a room conversion that as you see in the video is an attic space where the bathroom is next to the kitchenette a horrible setup.