The Importance Of A First Aid Kit

foot cut on glass

Its something we talk about a lot here at home about “getting one” but this week its been a case of we needed one! The cut was right down to the bone and without compression on the wound blood poured out of it. A simple mistake as someone had left some glass blades outside my office door which I tripped over leaving the room and swiftly found a deep cut and needing 4 stitches to put it all back together again.

The important thing here though is we are near the hospital and we did have stuff readily available, many shipping container home developments though are off-grid and in locations if working alone you may struggle to get back from. Adapting a first aid kit as well as getting in the habit of contacting people every hour if lone working is important for your own safety especially when doing construction work on your shipping container home. Commercially many of the lone working rules actually forbid the ability to do some of the stuff we do as private individuals if you were doing it for a company. So as you can see its pretty serious stuff and well worth preparing yourself for any emergencies.

How to build a shipping container office showing all processes involved.

Shipping Container Office

This video runs you through how to convert a shipping container into an office. Watching it you will see a lot of the solutions are very obvious as well as cheap on materials. The important thing to remember its also the fact people don’t think its this easy to do which puts people off. In the near future we will be looking to develop selling these type of units where you can either have one built or literally “buy” and take it with you. This week I am finally going to have enough time to run through a lot of designs I have worked out and start posting them online.

Basic Skills For Shipping Container Homes

When looking to build a shipping container home be aware that some skills are needed and if you haven’t got them its worth getting someone else in to cover the bits you don’t know. For example I can do electrical,heating,cooling,carpentry and joinery but welding isn’t something I have had to utilize in my construction work before because generally we build with brick in the UK. At the same time if needed I would be willing to spend time learning if need be. You have to remember this is your home your building and not just a weekend project. If done wrong it could be a disaster and a project that has to be rebuilt. I would always advise taking advice from professionals at the same time there are things you can do to make life easier such as buying the shipping containers “pre cut” at the dockside to save you time and also to make sure the holes are the right size and in the right place. If they make a mistake its their problem they have to put right not yours.Shipping container construction gone wrong

Shipping container homes in Japan – Tsunami disaster relief

Ex-Container project is a joint effort to deal with the widespread displaced populations after the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Rapid constructive, quick to site and cheap are all positive reasons that made containers the ideal home to be implimented for the housing crisis. Although this isn’t reusing shipping containers but in fact fabricating new ones to fit in with Japanese regulations it also help speed up the completion times of homes as well as reduce unneeded materials. E.g. if you look at the photo below you can see 3/4 of the floor space is missing as the container below it has the floor/ceiling. This reduces transportation costs and gets the units to where they are needed quicker. The information on where the units came from is a bit sketchy but a previous project quotes a factory in Thailand which would make sense with the current issues within Japan affecting its manufacturing industries.

Reading up on the buildings they are only allowed to be sited for a maximum of 2 years due to Japanese construction codes. Although hopefully by this time the displaced people would have started to rebuild their lives and their buildings. At the same time I do wonder where all the units will go afterwards, I know in the UK we move them around site to site for construction work and I could see this being the case of utilizing these buildings in some other way than just stacking them up incase of another disaster.


shipping container home being dropped into place - Japan container home being constructed in Thailand container homes japan container homes japanex-container project - JapanBayside Marina Hotel (Yokohama, Japan)