Yogu Shipping Container Coffee Shop, Banilad,Cebu,Philippines

I nearly missed this coffee shop as we drove past it today on the way to the Department of Science and Technology. Its a perfect example of a budget shipping container cafe but done in a very quaint way that is fully functional and the container actually gives it a bit of charm. The other important note here is the location as it slips quietly in between a condominium development and a petrol station which also shows how functional the building can be in a small space. The added canopy gives it a lit sitting area for evenings as well as canopies over the windows and outside area for shade against the Philippines sun.

Another great example of cargotecture in action.

yugo shipping container cafeyugo shipping container cafeyugo shipping container cafe

yugo shipping container cafe

Snack Box, New York–Shipping Container Take Away Restaurant

The pop up shipping container restaurants seem to be appearing all over the place lately. They can serve many traditional places that would normally be taken up with by a trailer restaurant or other form of temporary building. But more importantly they can also be used long-term and without being an eye sore in the way many of the other types become over time.

Snack Box, New York–Shipping Container Take Away Restaurant

The first thing is the shipping container structure gives you a blank wall canvas which can be jazzed up or made to blend in with environment with a lick of paint.

Snack Box, New York–Shipping Container Take Away Restaurant

The interior although limited in space due to being a solid structure does mean you can hang equipment on walls that other temporary buildings may struggle to accommodate as well as the fire proofing aspects of a steel building.

Snack Box, New York–Shipping Container Take Away Restaurant

The opening sides offer up being able to use them for canopies to keep people from getting soaked in a downpour as well as making it have a more traditional feel to the structure. Add to that the security features of being able to “lock it all up” before you go home there are very few reasons not to use a shipping container in this way.

Snack Box, New York–Shipping Container Take Away Restaurant

Sitting out in with its shiny backdrop of the neon city it doesn’t seem to stand out in any bad way especially amongst the billboards. Another good example of Shipping container architecture being used for restaurant purposes

Shipping container for smoking

Although this shipping container isn’t a home I thought its design was a bit interesting in the use of trellis work to hide the metal side at the same time still allowing air to grow through no doubt once the plants develop it will give the building a bit of shade similar in the way I was talking before about building trellis slightly away from the sides of containers to allow airflow as well along the gap formed between trellis and container side. But also looking at the container more closely it becomes pretty obvious a simple restaurant or canteen can be formed without too much work with the ability to add extension roof canopies off the shipping container to extend the seating area etc. Which many people may assume isn’t ideal at the same time like here in the Philippines most people are concerned about the quality of the food and a bit of shade over most other things. So for a budget restaurant could easily see it working here.Shipping container for smoking