Simple Shipping Container Home In Africa.

When designing or even building shipping container homes often being practical is overlooked. This shipping container home obviously does what the owner needs but also its ideal for the terrain and country that it resides in. DaveGoesToAfrica has some interesting posts but from a shipping container point of view I could easily see these sized units being ideal for travelers on a limited budget or just looking for short stay accommodation. When designing a shipping container home its good to take the practical side of the home into account and not let what you want stray from what you need or can afford.

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shipping container,container home,africa,container unit,container living shipping container,container home,africa,container unit,container living

Building traditional styled homes with shipping containers

Half of the problem when talking to people about shipping container homes is getting them to literally think out of the box. Here we can see 4 container units sat side by side with partitioning sections being added. A standard roof and pretty much the home is starting to take shape and a lot quicker than traditional methods.

shipping container home 4 x 40ft containers

Now cladded over can you even recognise it as a shipping container home? The cladding isn’t glued either they have actually installed it with a “super therm” ceramic paint manufactured by Superior products Minnesota who claim it can be used as a paint, adhesive, insulator, fireproof barrier as well as an acoustic barrier. Also part of the claim is that its insulation properties are equal to that of a conventionally designed home.

shipping container home  4 x 40ft containers

What people building container homes see

When I mention container living most people will say the buildings get too hot, need lots of maintenance or too expensive and small. What I think a lot of people see is something like this :-

shipping container home

Which is a project in Venice. Doesn’t look like much to write home about and a little bland. Just a row of containers with the side cut out.

But the same project when finished will look like this :-

Shipping container home computer sketch

An ultra modern home which is unique. Ideally suited for a beach house.

Why live in a shipping container?

Over the years I look at different ways lands are taxed and how much space we actually use. Lets face it most of the space around us we are taking up we mainly use for walking and wouldn’t it actually be better that it was outside and a nice garden area rather than a tiled large kitchen floor for example?

On top of that reducing the square footage can no doubt reduce your taxation and in many places planning permission isn’t needed for a container as its a movable structure. My question should be why aren’t more people living in shipping containers?

It offers a storm proof home and if built off the ground is also above flood levels in a lot of cases for people thinking of the extreme circumstances. At the same time if constructed correctly natural cooling and heating can cut costs or even if heated and cooled via other means the reduced space means reduced bills.

So why live a shipping container simply doesn’t only come down to financial and life choices but also the fact we have a growing population that will continue to need more food as well building shipping container homes can actually reduce the square footage people take up at the same time allow more space for growing foods or other resources that may be needed/wanted.