Power for Barangays in the Philippines could it be a reality?

Bio mass power plant in the Philippines

The container structures are pretty obvious as well as the solar water heaters but what may not be so visual is organic power generation. Its not new technology either like most things sustainable its been in Africa for over 10 years.

The interesting thing about this technology is that although watching in the video you can see a very large scale operation. Fact is for Barangays it often doesn’t need to be anywhere near the same scale. Just as important is that remote areas can produce their own fuels which in troubled times as such where the Philippines is seeing earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters a solution can be met if cut off from the world.

Adding to that the very fact its using waste products makes it a very useful solution to areas with limited wealth.

The concept for the Philippines I picked up from JC Greg Solutions although its not a new one the thought is in the right place. But I also believe that keeping the systems small and even better out of politicians hands would be the benefit of the communities in the Philippines.