2x 20ft Shipping Container Livable Apartment Size.

  Size doesn’t matter springs to mind in conversation but often it does in some strange way. Mainly because people don’t realise how much space they aren’t using or more importantly how much electric, cooling,heating they waste for floor space they don’t actually need. Here is the joke though this is the apartment I work from and rent out to tenants, none of which have ever complained about size if anything its bigger than a lot of apartments of the same budget :-

apartment bedroom

We decided to keep it as a studio type (no central wall) to help keep the air flowing as well as giving extra space when needed. There is actually now a wardrobe I built covering the electrical box in the corner to the bed, giving a lot of extra storage space. But as you can see there is even space for an extra sofa bed.

apartment sitting room

Now this is where its funny as you can see the sitting room area isn’t actually being utilised as generally people sit on the sofa bed and watch TV in what would be the bedroom. an 8ft by 10ft floor area not being used.

apartment kitchen

A galley styled kitchen keeps things simple but has everything that people generally need. This is the Philippines so microwave food doesn’t exist so neither does the need for a microwave. Bearing in mind I will add more shelving at the end of the kitchen above the refrigerator for the dry goods.

Well what is the point to all this nice look round an apartment but its not a shipping container?

Fact is I was sat working up here the other night and realised something its smaller than 2 x 20ft containers. But I guess if I did the same with a shipping container and gave more space I bet people would say its “too small” simply because they knew it was made from shipping containers. Yet this has been rented out for over 2 years now with several tenants the last leaving a couple of weeks ago while the next arrives in 2 weeks. Not one person has ever said “its too small”.

A bit of a plus on the shipping container side as simply people have been living in spaces smaller than 2x20ft containers but didn’t even realise. In construction terms though here in the Philippines you could build the same sized home with containers for less than P300,000 can’t give an exact figure simply because container prices fluctuate. But your containers come in at around P60,000 – P100,000 each (big price variance).

Shipping Container Homes A Real Home!

The dispute over shipping containers being too small to live in comes up regularly but I think its more a case of what people have become used to. TV always shows the big homes as normal in every show as nobody seems to live in apartments anymore just 4 – 5 bedroom houses on their own. I sit and look at things and wonder why? because I can see big spaces that just need heating,cooling,cleaning but more importantly it seems many people are living in a museum due to the scale of the homes.

Nothing wrong with a family home just that there should be a family in it, shipping container homes due to modular states can be up scaled as needed meaning the studio flat 2 x 20ft containers is ideal for a student while the 6 x 40ft is ideal for the family of 4. Thing is if you bought the land as a student and lived in the smaller unit you could probably incorporate the small 2 x 20ft unit into the rest of the home as you expanded.

The reason I find shipping container homes real ones is that sense is they are built for peoples needs rather than consumerism telling us what we need.

A shipping container home is designed around us with its modular form allowing us to create a space that reflects us in every part of it. Giving a unique environment we can call home.

Have I stopped on shipping container homes?

Things may appear a bit quiet lately but its all good to be honest except the cause! What happened is prices got to a point where I couldn’t see it currently being viable to buy one as it strained my budget too much to the point I couldn’t complete to sell the first one to buy the second. So being practical skipped it for a few months moving to things we need for the workshop as well as the apartments I am currently constructing here in Cebu, Philippines. What is happening instead of buying an expensive container and struggling through with trying to finish it to sell on a shoestring budget I have started to put together a shopping list of tools and machinery to allow rapid conversion once we get things in full swing. At the same time I have decided to abandon selling unfinished containers simply down to the fact the sellers are greedy and if I am being ripped off I don’t want to rip you off so advise go look for yourself then I am not the one over charging.

Currently the shopping list will consist of :-

  • Table saw
  • Router table (Will build)
  • Air compressor + tools
  • Welding machine
  • Cross cut wood saw (we already have one for metal)
  • New drills

Not a big list but an expensive one, ideally though the tools will be offering a better finish on many parts of the internal fittings as I was a cabinet maker/carpenter previously so being able to construct some things like under drawers for chairs and other furniture allowing maximum storage space as well as other useful things for within the units. I am currently taking caravan designs onboard as they offer the maximum amount of practical use for the minimum of space. So although the site has gone a bit slow doesn’t mean I have forgotten!

Domestic Transformer small apartment maximising space with sliding panels and walls

In Hong Kong space is always an issue, apartments are generally tiny and expensive an architect Gary Chang decided to maximise his living space of 344 sqm with a home that uses sliding walls and panels to give 24 different design layouts. I thought I should add this as I have yet to see anyone utilize such a design inside a shipping container home but can see its potential so take a look at Gary Chang’s “Domestic Transformer”.