Manufactured Homes Part Of The Housing And Green Evolution

As I look at housing and the way its gone in the last 60 years there has been huge changes from the original prefabricated manufactured homes that were generally concrete built and primarily to house people after the bombings of WW2. Originally designed to be replaced at some point these manufactured homes have only recently started to see their demise and replacement of brick built skins going up the exterior before the removal of the concrete. They were never supposed to be up this long yet even now its still not difficult to find these types of homes in the UK and obviously partly to blame for the term “concrete jungle”. The 60s seen the rise of concrete being used for everything and the housing developments that were supposed to be the cities of the future ended up landing flat on their faces due to high crime, bad planning and poor construction.

Many lessons were learned then and even today things are still evolving, manufactured homes however are part of the housing market that probably can adapt faster than any other housing market as well as offering up and implementing many green solutions as they go. The big argument then is on the fuel usage to move the homes yet they have to be built somewhere and in a factory type condition where they are built in mass production wastage is minimised, labour maximised and new technologies easy to implement. One thing for sure is that its a market that is geared towards the customer to deliver what the customer needs which is another driving force in not only making the houses ultra modern but also extremely green in materials.

Manufactured homes are without a doubt one of the industries that can have a more positive impact on the housing market at the same time help others to improve their services as well. The cost reductions involved with pre-manufactured homes also allows labour savings which can be utilized somewhere else in the home such as adding solar panels or other technologies the house may have not thought of or couldn’t afford otherwise.

Double decker bus home

The double decker bus mobile home idea takes me back to the perception of people moving around in the 60s. Not sure where it fits into today’s society or fuel prices but for those who are minimalistic and want to travel as a group it still does come out as a viable contender especially for things like bands or other acts moving around a country needing to stop in a different town every night.

The design was done by Aristide Antonas who is a Greek professor of architecture and the conversion does seem an interesting although may not be practical for road movement. At the same time with rising fuel prices I can see larger vehicles coming off the road and this also might be a viable reason for converting one if you can get it through town/city planning for something cheap to convert.

The two storey vehicle is designed with 7 beds, a sitting room and a restroom not sure how the caravan club will see it on one of their holiday sites mind.

double decker bus home double decker bus home double decker bus home double decker bus home