Interior Design Ideas For Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container on truck

When looking at shipping container spaces the first thing you will normally hear is “they are too small”. At the same time in the UK there is a love of garden sheds as workshops,cabins,offices,storage all a lot smaller and less comfortable than a shipping container conversion. Here we can see the same space being used by for many different uses. Showing that it can be a comfortable addition to a home as well as a retreat or even a budget hotel room. I quite like the idea of the building design being used as a beach house sitting high up to allow the cool breeze to pass through the building. offices at industrial estate offices at industrial offices at industrial offices at industrial offices at industrial estateShipping container kitchen areaShipping container bedroom easy conversion for hotel roomsShipping container childrens playroom or weekend retreatShipping container childrens playroom or weekend retreatShipping Container Office Shipping Container Office Shipping Container Entertainment RoomShipping Container Entertainment RoomShipping Container Weekend RetreatShipping Container Weekend Retreat

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Lots of layout and design ideas to show even a single 20ft Shipping Container can be a very usable space.

Cove Park artists shipping container retreat

Cove park is a centre for established artists and located on the west coast of Scotland in a tranquil 50 acre rural site.

In 2002 Container site made these three accommodation modules as artist retreats giving them wide opening glass doors and grassed roofs that blend in with the environment around them. The balcony area reaches out onto a lake with views of Loch Long in the distance. After the success of the first 3 modules another 6 were added to the project.

Cove Park artists shipping container retreat

Cove Park artists shipping container retreat Cove Park artists shipping container retreat


Student container home accommodation in Amsterdam (biggest container village in Europe)

This is another video showing the practical side to container living especially for people such as students but could just as easily be setup for city workers who just need accommodation during the week or budget hotels. Either way this video shows how quickly and easily setting the whole thing up can be done especially when most of the fitting out is done in advance of the arrival of the units.

Amsterdam shipping container village

Modern Small Business Shipping Container Buildings Ideas

Some ideas for shipping container offices and restaurants showing that cargotecture and container living doesn’t have to be bland and boring but often it enhances an area, brings colour to it or even blends in unnoticed.Shipping container Cafe

Shipping container office - modern designShipping container office - modern design

Shipping container office - modern design   Shipping container office - modern design

Shipping Container Accidents Photos

Shipping container accidents on ships from around the world. The interesting thing to see is not the fact some of the containers have folded up and literally crushed bearing in mind they are under at least 5 ton per shipping container above them. But the way that even at very extreme angles the shipping containers still stay interlocked and holding on to each other stopping them falling in even the most extreme of circumstances.

Shipping container accident on ship image Ship run aground ship rammed into harbour side shipping container stack falling over shipping container stack falling over Jeppesen Maersk ship with shipping containers falling shipping containers collapsed on ship

Shipping Container Banks

I remember living in Germany before and finding the banks often in odd remote locations. Partly because we were with the military meaning there are plenty of soldiers in remote places needing access to money as well as having a good tax free income offshore. But also the farming communities still needed servicing for bank access. Odd to think though that many banks go extreme on security when more often than not reducing funds available or putting in a public place may actually reduce the risk of robbery in the first place. I remember talking to a bank manager before regarding “front of house” the counters we see when we are withdrawing funds. The maximum he said he ever had on the front of house was £30,000 which isn’t a lot considering 10 years in prison if caught in the UK robbing a bank.

At the same time modern banking today has tried to remove cash from the system where possible meaning most people don’t need large cash amounts and more likely just after money for a night out on a Friday and ordering a curry. Which makes these smaller shipping container banks ideal for many locations especially with banks being keen to squeeze as much profit out of us while downsizing branches all over the place.

Shipping Container Bank Germany Shipping Container Bank Austria

Shipping Container Homes Are They Practical?

I was up last night writing articles when I came across one about the fact shipping containers are full of toxic paints and need sand blasting clean before they can be refitted etc. etc. in a very extreme “green” view. Now the annoying thing I find about this sort of stuff is there is no mention of why it had to be stripped back to bare metals, no mention of why they assume the paint is toxic or the fact that if dormant its probably not doing any harm whatsoever.

There is also no balance given between regular construction and shipping container construction to way up the options properly. No financial information or even a rough estimate of what the price comparisons would be on environmental or standard home construction. In reality a debate was opened without any facts or data to support either way.

The problem I have with this is that it creates a misinterpretation of how things are or how the conversions take place and if practical or not as its stated as “fact” rather than extreme instances. I have seen people strip back some containers to bare metals before and I have seen hardwood floors removed because they are worried about things like pesticides in the woods. Doesn’t mean they are dangerous and lets face it the container has to be “legally” useable by humans in a working environment contacting the original manufacturers your likely to come across things likes “yes pesticides have been used” and “no they don’t give off an odour or actually do any harm” considering that the floor is likely to be covered over its not going to create any problems. Although often removed for replacing with concrete floors depending on the construction method. Paints are the same I can understand internal paints being an issue to some people wanting to know they are lead free etc. at the same time finding out what paints are used also means you can have peace of mind.

Also the “TYPE” of container and its usage makes a difference, food travels in containers just as much as car parts and new hi-fi systems which is likely to see containers that are in better condition due to the fragile nature of the cargo but also unlikely to have anything that could tarnish the food flavour or pollute it.

I will get off my soapbox for a bit, but would say if your going to say its a bad idea on something run comparisons of other available options and use fact over hearsay.