Cordell Shipping Container Home – Designed by Christopher Robertson

This three bedroom container home has utilized its lot area to give a unique home environment which also adds colour to the area from its wooden cladding. On top of that its a green home in many ways that have been listed below. On waste removal from site they were able to contain all the rubbish within 10 contractor waste sacks in comparison to many other projects I have personally worked on that would literally need several skips on this size of building. Mainly not down to the construction company mind as the biggest problem I find in construction is the amount of pallets, packaging, wraps, boxes etc. that everything seems to come in.

Some of the green features:

  • FilterPave driveway using 70-80 percent post-consumer recycled glass, 20-30 percent granite, and a polymer binder in a four inch layer.
  • Built with three used shipping containers
  • SIPs incorporated in roof and floors
  • On-demand hot water heater
  • Efficient Unico AC system
  • An energy recovery ventilation system
  • Bamboo flooring and low-VOC paints
  • Use of fiberboard products
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Dual-flush toilets and efficient plumbing/fixtures
  • container home designed by Christopher Robertson

container home designed by Christopher Robertson

container home designed by Christopher Robertson

container home designed by Christopher Robertson

container home designed by Christopher Robertson


container home designed by Christopher Robertson

container home designed by Christopher Robertson

container home designed by Christopher Robertson

Building off grid a home for the weekend

One of the big advantages people forget when looking at off grid shipping container homes is that they are ideal for weekend retreats. In our day and age where we are driven by workload and technology the great outdoors is something often observed through a window be it a car or a home. Yet we are surrounded by nature, heading up to a shipping container home that is nestled away from the day to day burdens of life open up a space that is switched off to most technology and somewhere that builds a family space. An environment for children to get in touch with nature while the parents are able to not only function as a family but also a couple.

A shipping container off grid home may be a savior of many marriages in the world of hectic lifestyles that most people seem to have these days. I remember the “run to the sun” in the UK as the weekend hit there was only one thought not overtime for the weekend but getting on route to the south coast for the weekend. Back then there was no thought of a retreat but simply crashing out in the car or using a tent depending on the weather. The main thing though is that those things got forgotten as the years went on and part of the reason the relationship I was in then dissolved as city working took over and my now ex’s interest went into owning horses and suddenly we were more like ships passing in the night than anything else.

Bit of a warning to others as well as myself that getting away for the weekend is not only healthy and enjoyable but a part of life we need to reinstate and get our work lives in balance.

Container housing in Texas – Cinco Camp

Cinco Camp - Shipping container home Texas

The thing about this concept is its something we are looking to do in the near future depending how the rest of our projects go. The roofing for example could have another use due to its span and that’s to add rainwater harvesting either for irrigation or things like toilets. The complete project came in at $200,000 and could have been halved if it wasn’t for the issues of location which left no man power in the area and access difficulties for transportation/machinery.

The concept has been simple which has raised the containers from the ground to reduce risks of bugs, snakes and rainwater but also to keep them individual units as this allows for moving to another site without too much damage to the environment. The inside of the units have been fitted out but at the same time the exteriors have been left pretty much intact.

All units are joined together by a simple decking area which I could see the opportunity of something like this in the Philippines as a simple retreat or cheap accommodation rentals with a bit of privacy.

why live in the middle of nowhere the photo from Texas says it all











Shipping container doors kept intact offer extra privacy as well as security and shade.

shipping container kitchen offers all mod cons although bulkier than I would like

Shipping container sitting room is made more homely by large wall graphic

All in all the whole idea makes a lot of sense to me with the maximising of space which also throws up the question how much stuff do we really need when most Western homes are at least 4 x the size of a container. Not only would downsizing save on the obvious of electricity, gas etc it also helps to reduce consumerism.

Puma sportswear shipping container store

Although the design appears as a bit of a gimmick it also shows the flexibility of using shipping containers for a building with its far outreaching first floor with a roof deck which almost appears that its defying gravity in its unique setup.

This was designed by Lot-Ek and one of its key advantages is its completely capable of dismantling and reassembly which may not seem much but this store is actually travelling around the world to various countries. 24 shipping containers are utilized in the building which have been refitted into “Puma City” which followers Puma’s sailing yacht il Mostro.

il mostro - Puma, Volvo ocean race

Puma sportswear shipping container store Puma sportswear shipping container store Puma sportswear shipping container store Puma sportswear shipping container store Puma sportswear shipping container store Puma sportswear shipping container store Puma sportswear shipping container store

Adding a balcony to a shipping container home

shipping container home

The design above is a good example of integrating a balcony area as often it gets overlooked yet could be a view over the ocean, BBQ and dining area, or simply an external sitting and entertaining area. The other thing I like about this size of unit as well though is it can maximize the 2 x 20ft containers by joining them together in an L shape then using the balcony to complete the unit as a square. Giving a modern looking home which doesn’t look too obvious of its shipping container roots with the over cladding.

Container home – Modular weeHouse – Wisconsin USA

An interesting name for an interesting house. This modular home is something that is being sold in Burlington, Wisconsin, the Manilow weeHouse is a prefab getaway-home with blue and yellow container sidings. Designed by Alchemy Architects, the weeHouse is a prefabricated, modular structure ranging from 341 sf studio and up to 2090 sf full home. Its ideal for a getaway or simply a nice simple home with wide open frontage giving the best access to nature in comfort. I could see many holiday places wanting to buy these for holiday use as they are perfect for the small family on holiday.Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouseimage Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouse

Alchemy Architecture a speech on making prefab a reality.

This was a speech conducted by Alchemy architecture that you may find interesting showing a few concepts on house development. Its not too long but it does show different designs to suit different needs with various clients. Also the fact that modular and pre-fabricated buildings are on the rise. Although the term container house isn’t used you can see the modules are based on a similar design.

Shipping container homes in Mexico

Vita Espacios Vita EspaciosVita EspaciosVita Espacios

Vita Espacios is taking shipping container homes very seriously and utilizing shipping containers in many forms to suit peoples needs at very low cost.

Our solutions include:
• Homes
• Schools and Classrooms
• Doctor’s Offices and Clinics
• Shelters and Refuges
• Small Businesses
• Intelligence and Police Centers
• Army and Communication Centers
• Attention Centers
• Dressing Rooms and Restrooms
• Eating Areas
• Offices

Previously working with a modular company in the UK it became very apparent how adaptable using containers were. We built everything from morgues and hospitals to washrooms depending on the needs and specifications of the clients. Some wanted cheap and cheerful while the Ministry Of Defence had very strict guidelines and quality controls to adhere to. The important thing here though with the developments in Mexico is that they are looking at the cost as a priority. The shipping containers themselves by design are structurally sound if utilized correctly which does mean you have a great unit to adapt to all sorts of projects.

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