Shipping container cafe–NJ Asbury Park

shipping container cafe, recycled shipping container

These interesting shipping container shops and restaurants are an ideal showpiece of how urban architecture using containers can fit into many locations well. On top of being a cheap construction method it also offers a secure building.Designed by Madison Marquette, they were brought in as recycled containers and then painted to blend in with the other buildings inside the boardwalk.

Not a lot of other information can be found about the units themselves as most of the stuff online seems to cover the retail side of the boardwalk but another fine example of shipping containers in daily use.

Shipping containers are too small to live in as a home

One of the most common defence mechanisms people come up with when you mention shipping container homes to them but what if I could show you something with an even smaller floor area?

slim pod-like building, tiny building,small house

This Pod styled building has height to its advantage but obviously not a lot of width. Doesn’t mean its not practical and in fact with house prices so expensive in most cities how easy is it to find such a piece of land that others overlook completely?

slim pod-like building, tiny building,small house

Inside its not exactly expansive of space but it is using the best of its available room and making it functional as well as practical. Lower level offers the bathroom,kitchen and dining facilities as well as a seating area while the second level gives you a desk and bedroom area. The top small space is designed for storage. This isn’t a concept by the way its being constructed by Polish architects Centrala. It has been designed as a studio apartment for Israeli writer Etgar Keret as well as open to other artists and writers.

Los Angeles home utilizes grills for shade– concept for shipping container home

second skin home, cooling grills for house

This unique home is sitting on the steep slope of Crestwood Hills in Los Angeles. 3,700sq ft. the Jovanovich dream home was developed on existing buildings adding to it sustainable and progressive design and construction methods.

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects were the guys behind the project, adding a second skin layer to the buildings added an assisted shade that protects the building from Californian sunshine and also works to reduce heat build up in the home as well as offering a privacy screen.

An idea that can also be utilized for shipping container homes to help keep the heat out. Either directly or in a canopy form. Not a shipping container home in design but its the grill concept that I found interesting.

los angeles home

Adding a balcony to a shipping container home

shipping container home

The design above is a good example of integrating a balcony area as often it gets overlooked yet could be a view over the ocean, BBQ and dining area, or simply an external sitting and entertaining area. The other thing I like about this size of unit as well though is it can maximize the 2 x 20ft containers by joining them together in an L shape then using the balcony to complete the unit as a square. Giving a modern looking home which doesn’t look too obvious of its shipping container roots with the over cladding.