Ikea Revamp Shipping Container Home

The issue with shipping container homes is always space but Ikea offered up some realistic solutions to a students shipping container home which not only shows how practical the Ikea furniture is but also how modern and nice a shipping container can look as well as being functional.

Plywood Furniture Good For Shipping Container Construction?

I have recently started looking into plywood furniture construction here in the Philippines and for multiple reasons. For shipping container homes it makes sense as you can construct some very multi functional furniture very easily which suits the needs of shipping container homes. But just as much so in many countries you can get things pre-cut at the store you buy it from giving you perfectly straight edges for your projects if you arrive with a cutting list.

On top of that budget wise plywood can offer some good finishes on projects and not look tacky. Here in the Philippines often furniture is overpriced and has poor laminate finishing which often breaks its seal and begins to blister and peel quickly. Plywood in many cases can replace a lot of this substandard products with something more unique,usable and custom made.

I used to look at ply sheeting as an inferior product until recent years where its mass produced nature and cost make it viable for many things and not just things like interior cladding of a shipping container. The fold down bed from the wall for example is one of those projects that can be done with plywood reducing costs of materials but also means the bed is only needed during the evening and conveniently folded away afterwards. I have prepared a space already for constructing the bed project myself as an experiment, but can already see the benefits of the double bed space if the bed is removed during the day.

Jewelry wall mirror cabinet with lock ideal for shipping container furniture

Jewelery cabinet full length mirror

This mirror is another item that can be built into the wall of the shipping container as well as the ability to hide the locking mechanism by adding a few bits to the front of the mirror which would then make the mirror look “flush” and not the fact it keeps your jewelry secure. On the other hand it also stops jewelry getting all tangled up which often happens in a jewelry box. I have added a link to Amazon below for those interested in purchasing one but depending where you are I don’t think it would be difficult to build one with the main expense likely to be the glass not the actual cabinet.



Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

The concept of this bathroom is more about water conservation than anything else. Allowing a viewing screen you can actually see how much water your heating up for a shower and thus you can see how much your wasting on electric and water, reducing one will naturally reduce the other. At the same time it struck an idea with me as well for people recycling grey water and/or rain water as it makes just as much sense to go with tanks to show how much water is available and being used every time you use it. Its a stylish modern bathroom and I could see it being utilized in a shipping container home or at least its concept could be. Its definetely something that would make people more aware of how much they are using and in a stylish modern way.

Now the other key feature of this bathroom though is that it conserves water by utilizing the tap water to fill the cistern on the toilet which is another green feature that makes common sense on the shipping container homes just as much as someone’s lush penthouse.

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Children’s loft bedroom designs

Sangiorgio Mobili have come up with some fantastic loft bedroom designs for kids. They show minimalistic neither has to be dull or clinical in design. Utilizing interesting shapes in the designs as well as bold colours it gives a bedroom area that the neighbours kids would be envious of. At the same time not losing the concept of being minimalistic and practical at the same time which makes them ideal for shipping container homes where many of the bedrooms are in smaller spaces. 

childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design

Towel rail for shipping container homes

towel rail for shipping container home

Using a pole type towel rail offers a few advantages over sticking a bar straight across the wall. First one being is you can put it in a place that it can swing between two points so instead of it taking up a wall space you can for example have it hanging into midair to allow towels to dry quicker (doubling it up as an airer) at the same time when the space is needed you can swing it against the shower door for example. If you get one or build one with slotted bars that you can lift up so it folds flat when its not in use the rail would only be taking up the space of a vertical pole. I know bathrooms are generally small in container homes which is why when I looked at the rails this type of design seemed to fit most peoples needs without taking up wasted space.

Folding laptop desk for shipping container home

drop down folding desk

I came across this folding desk which is available in Ikea but also if you look at it you could easily construct this yourself as a minor woodworking project as well as being able to build the unit further into the wall of your shipping container if lining the interior as you could measure out a hole for it to be set in afterwards. I would advise making up a jig for that purpose purely because you can leave it in place while constructing. Great idea though and obviously one that is very cost affective and adding a lock to the door a secure place to keep your laptop when out.