Adding a balcony to a shipping container home

shipping container home

The design above is a good example of integrating a balcony area as often it gets overlooked yet could be a view over the ocean, BBQ and dining area, or simply an external sitting and entertaining area. The other thing I like about this size of unit as well though is it can maximize the 2 x 20ft containers by joining them together in an L shape then using the balcony to complete the unit as a square. Giving a modern looking home which doesn’t look too obvious of its shipping container roots with the over cladding.

Container home – Modular weeHouse – Wisconsin USA

An interesting name for an interesting house. This modular home is something that is being sold in Burlington, Wisconsin, the Manilow weeHouse is a prefab getaway-home with blue and yellow container sidings. Designed by Alchemy Architects, the weeHouse is a prefabricated, modular structure ranging from 341 sf studio and up to 2090 sf full home. Its ideal for a getaway or simply a nice simple home with wide open frontage giving the best access to nature in comfort. I could see many holiday places wanting to buy these for holiday use as they are perfect for the small family on holiday.Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouseimage Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouse Container home - Modular WeeHouse

Alchemy Architecture a speech on making prefab a reality.

This was a speech conducted by Alchemy architecture that you may find interesting showing a few concepts on house development. Its not too long but it does show different designs to suit different needs with various clients. Also the fact that modular and pre-fabricated buildings are on the rise. Although the term container house isn’t used you can see the modules are based on a similar design.