Shipping Container Home 3D Design

One thing you can say about the shipping container homes is they have inspired people to not only look at minimum living but also how to maximise how they utilize that space. Add to that the diverse walks of life and creativity that has opened up for home design which is normally left to the architects is now seeing people designing their own homes. 3D design is a bit of a thorn in the side for me as I am not the greatest user of CAD I have the concept in my head and I am good at the mathematics to get over problems as well as work out stress levels but drawings have never been my strong point.

I came across the design today via ContainerLiving.Net Facebook page sent in by the owner of the site edificioscontenedor the design is simple but elegant at the same time. Many of the designs out there are often over complicated that create other issues but this one seems to work especially with the additional carport area.

shipping container home 3D design

shipping container home 3D design

shipping container home 3D design

shipping container home 3D design

shipping container home 3D design shipping container home 3D design shipping container home 3D design shipping container home 3D design shipping container home 3D design

Shipping container the blank canvas for constructing a modular home

shipping container blank canvas

When most people think shipping container they are thinking a solid steel box used to transport goods around the world. A unit that is able to rust easily and overheats in the sun at the same time cold when temperatures drop.

In reality you have this on the left, a blank canvas for modular construction the box like shape gives you a starting point that has many alternatives in its construction and not only that its easy to work with. The skill set needed for self building is reduced drastically down to weights and possibilities, design is reduced down to budgets and creativity. So when you think container think of the drawing as its the basis of modular construction that is sustainable and often from re-cycled units allowing a reduction in waste at the same time putting it to good use. Also using the shape from the drawing takes away a lot of the boundaries people set in their mind and allows the thoughts to flow on how to attach multiple units together to form up a home. The important thing to remember though is the strength comes from the outer frame the wider parts shown on this side of the drawing.

Container living for surfers–The Surf Shack

Surf shack


In Washington, a surfer/designer who hated the long distance to travel to surf eventually created his own surf shack right next to his favourite surfing location.

Its a little white for me but primarily made from recycled walls its functionality and the fact shelves and beds etc. are fold out gives the maximum amount of usage in the minimal 20ft container.

Great idea and I am sure many people will see some interesting ideas for their own designs from this weekend surf retreat.








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Disguise shipping container home with vertical garden

Green Wall - Vertical garden

The discussion of cosmetic appearance as well as cooling and insulation properties often come up when talking about shipping container homes but half of the issue is people don’t think out of the box or that nature can often have the solution right in front of us. This development in the photo is actually inside an office complex providing natural beauty, a changing scenery as well as cleaner air all from a vertical garden which is artistic in design. The reason I picked this one out of the projects that Gsky have already completed is that its shape i similar to a shipping container,its indoors and if they can do this indoors why can’t we outdoors? May also help get round planning permission issues as it would be a living piece of art. Gsky do sell the products as well although not sure if they do international shipping. One thing is for sure though is this can be replicated with a bit of thought.

The Periscope project – San Diego shipping container art centre

Periscope Project - San Diego, Shipping container Art centre

The Periscope project is a funky modern container art centre which resides on a small lot in San Diego. Constructed with 5 shipping containers (recycled). The art space also offers living and working spaces as well as the shop front and exhibition area. The original concept started in 2007 by the late Petar Perisi. An interesting use of a shipping container that enhances its environment as well as gives a place that offers regular meetings and discussion workshops.

It offers up a mix of industrial feel with clean fresh art display in an interesting blend of building use. The narrow slit windows I also like as on other container designs this style of window would be very useful for allowing hot air to escape. Its kept much of the container buildings in basic form while utilizing spaces between and above the containers for garden spaces and an outdoor area.

container art centre projector garden area, shipping container art studio ShippingContainerArtStudioLandscaping container art workshop

Chalet styled shipping container shop/store.

An interesting use of shipping containers that blends in with the look and feel of the environment by being exterior cladded. Only when you look on the inside on the second photo do you notice the seam of the 2 containers joined together as the cladding and pitched roof hide it very well. This was commissioned by Chelsea space management for the farmers market. Installation time took only one day to completion and blends in well the existing chalet styled shops and restaurants in the area.

chalet styled shipping container shop/store - Chelsea, England

chalet styled shipping container shop/store - Chelsea, England


2 x 20ft container home Bangkok Thailand by BlueBrown

Container homes don’t have to be ugly homes and here is a design and built home in Bangkok in an area that suffers with high heat.


imageA roof was added for heat reflection as well as a gap underneath to allow airflow, adding the porch canopy also assists in removing heat from the main building. The added deck area also gives a large open space to sit and enjoy the surroundings especially if this type of building gets used in a vacation home type scenario were your escaping the city for the weekend. 


Not big, not overbearing simply compact and functional. Something that would suit many beach,resort locations with a more scattered approach to buildings instead of one main block. At the same time size wise ideal for even the smallest of lots.


STEEL SPACE – Shipping container marketing and promotional venue

imageInitially doesn’t look like much but the fact the container is designed to be moved as well as multifunctional makes this beast ideal for the exhibition market as you can lock everything up securely, pre-wire etc so as soon as it gets to site it jumps up like a jack in the box ready to go. An example of it being utilized is shown below :-


Sends the right message and quick to get the doors open without too many headaches these could be the future of small exhibit stands.

Our shipping container home

Currently we haven’t constructed one here although I have worked in the modular industry as well as container buildings in the UK previously. Reason for being slow off the mark is simply been busy with daily life and also looking for the right location to construct. My wife sent me these photos a few years back of someone’s house construction and as you can see (probably the way I am) it would make one fantastic container home.

multi layered container home idea

The whole design is lots of open spaces blended with modular units giving space for a growing family as people can be on their own floor and at meal times etc. be able to all be in the same place. The other factor I like about this home is the amount of land it takes up on its lower level as it will fit on many lot areas here in the Philippines easily and this one is already here in Talisay, Cebu (near us). The other important thing here though is generally city planning isn’t a problem below 4 levels which also fits in with this home and our requirements.

multi layered container home idea

An interesting home that doesn’t look over complicated and if placed right will have the benefit of shade on an embankment or hill during the day giving it a cool airy feel to the home. The other thing I like about it is gaps between floors as it all helps with ventilation. You can either live in an insulated box here for air conditioning or work with the elements to cool the house. If I can find the house will try and visit the owner to discuss the construction and any problems they had but I can see our container home being built with a similar design in mind using concrete pillars for framing.