Container Buildings Oman

As I was up in our transport office (some of you are probably not aware I am currently working in Dubai and Oman) but noticed some container units had turned up and were busy having electrical wiring done.

They are from another site where we have worker camps and currently these are being moved off site as the construction project is finished. Nearly 500 of these units.

Portacabin - Oman

Container building Oman

Sturdy and clean due to the design but also gave the opportunity to show what you can do with sandwich panels you find in things like cold room stores at restaurants. As changing the type of panelling on the units that are foam centred in a slot wall system does give quite a nice finish.Container building inside,Oman

Internally looking just as clean and fresh as well as functional. As you can see the wiring is on going and the electrician was wondering why I was poking my head round the corner taking photos.

Sandwich panels used in container buildings

Would have to look at changing the roof design if building these though. But the photo also lets you see what the end of the foam panels look like.

Gets back to the argument often used where people say that they are too hot to live in. Well after several month out in the desert and also spending time in portacabins for accommodation on sites we were surveying I can honestly say the containers work! We have had temperatures above 50 degrees and sandstorms and the containers stand strong and offer comfortable living.

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  1. Hey Matt!!!
    We have TONS of these units here in Ontario, Canada–& Specifically our Peel Region, which includes a list of little Towns and Little cities. These buildings are used here on Subdivision Building Sites (of which there are seriously too many for me). We get Real Cold/Freezing & Hot Summer temperatures here and these come with AC&/OR baseboard heating. Usually heating is electrical. It’s horribly expensive n awful on the sinus cavity! In my research I have found them for sale and MAY start there(willing to start also it anywhere w/heat/AC & water hook up at least). Getting to far into detail…
    I have been looking seriously into a Container Lifestyle and I’m following your blog severely interested in every piece of info you find and so graciously share so A–THANK GOD I FOUND YOU LOL! B–thank you for Sharing as Much information as you do! Truly! I would like to tell you in closing that Your TWITTER attachements or someone that’s created a Twitter Account to link to your site, has TWEETS that are just simply not making sense I’m wondering if you’re in contact with this account? Are you the administrator/tweeter lo? I follow the account faithfully! Maybe you want to take a look at what I mean–i.e. there are tweets there with info that’s just not reachable. Maybe n error in posting on admin’s part? This was the only way I could contact you–feel free to delete this comment when done reading! I look forward to MANY more tweets with exciting new information and adventures from Dubai! Happy Sunny Days put there to you Sir! Kindest Regards, “MyContainedLife” J9…

    1. Will have to look at the twitter feed, it was originally setup a couple of years ago but sounds like its sending the wrong information so needs a bit of editing.

      Thanks for the praise 🙂 and although really busy right now hoping to get back to the container site with some new information shortly. Good luck on container living as its also about the concept of living small and reducing day to day costs which can help with getting projects off the ground financially.

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the site and the Twitter account I enjoy reading the tweets and posts.

    If you missed it there was a great project in the Olympic park this summer in London, It is a community project of a cafe, art, gallery and community garden and viewing platform made out of shipping containers. (Which I helped to source)

    Now the park is being cleared of the temporary Olympic structures
    The ‘View Tube’ will re open to the public on the 1st of December.

    Take a look when you have a moment 🙂

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