“Eco-Pak” shipping container home design.

shipping container home with steel beam framing

The original prototype Eco-Pak house constructed in Turkey throws up some interesting ideas about shipping container home design due to not only making the shipping container part of the home. But also the fact that you can utilise the shipping container to transport a lot of the equipment and materials required for the build. Looking at the steel frame work design it does appear that it can all fit inside the container. For the first fix it could allow the starting on the project as soon as the container arrives with a secure storage area.

The “Eco-Pak” development was the brainchild of an aircraft structural engineer James Green of Building Container LLC. The system has a U.S. patent with international patents pending, James teamed up with Seattle-based architect Matthew Coates to develop the system. Its primary goals were to make a building that was low cost, structurally sound as well as transportable without the need of a concrete base.

shipping container home with steel beam framing

shipping container home with steel beam framing

The flexibility of the steel design allows for many variables and all delivered via the shipping container unit that comes with the building. A prototype version will be put together in 2013 by Coates Design in the Seattle area.

Source: Coates Design, Building Container

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  1. Interesting…
    I have read up on this great idea. I have also read up on Many More Great Ideas in this new Container Living, Tiny House, etc “Movement”, as I personally like to call ‘it’….
    that being said, I find your websites information to be very helpful, enlightening, and full of resources, which I enjoy researching! THANK YOU, to All that out this together!
    I just want to throw in a personal opinion, or VISION if you will, of my own, which I will expand on in my blog. For now, I just want to say, I Personally believe that this is a wonderful earth friendly idea and it’s about time! All of these ideas/inspiration, whatever we chose to call the smaller greener home plans.
    My vision is however, to see these ideas REMAIN AFFORDABLE.
    See, I come from a middle-lower income but not poverty stricken family, for Whatever reason; poor choice in jobs, education level or lack there of, child raising, disability–every income bracket has a story lol. In my current research I have found many ‘Container Living’ examples and ideas. I have found alot that are semi-affordable and Outrageously priced just the like! I love a person that makes money off a great idea but the real side of me asks: “Where can I find affordable housing such as this (in my own country)?” “how can I afford to build a Home for myself and my quickly growing children?”,personally, I do not want them to get caught up in the worlds vision of bigger houses, bigger spaces, bigger is better, paying property taxes for ‘Space in The Sky'(what I call the worlds idea of a Condominium), how can we remain true to our roots of nature–small, tiny, close to ground n earth setting…I will update my blog regularly now since I’m full of ‘ideas’, experience, & ‘Opinion’! Seeing affordable ideas (here), gives me Hope that our small family’s Dream could in fact soon become a reality–& MORE IMPORTANTLY, Other families in situations alike!
    Until then, a Gracious THANKS AGAIN on departure;
    I look soooo forward to your sites continued inspirational content!

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