All Quiet On The Shipping Container Home Front?

With a lot of things going on lately its been difficult to get on with the blog as we have had a lot of visitors. At the same time we have had an increasing amount of interest in shipping container housing which has started me looking at fabrication rather than recycling here in Cebu,Philippines due to one major issue the shipping containers here are holding a high value which can make fabrication of new containers cheaper. At the moment we are in the assessment stages but also we are looking at purchasing some land for another project. If the land deal goes through though it may actually give us some working space for the first unit to be constructed and test some of my theories.

Back in the UK a lot of the issues relating to the climate and other problems are extremely different to the Philippines. For a start we are reversing from heating to cooling but also we generally only construct for a lifespan of 10 years in the UK as the container buildings are designed for temporary use only. Doesn’t mean they will fall apart as some have been standing for over 30 years already but does mean that construction methods need to be looked at and assessments of materials properly. Paints, woods, metals all have to be assessed that they aren’t going to break down over a period of time. Which isn’t normally a problem in the UK market as a guarantee actually guarantees something but here in the Philippines its not so cut and dry and making sure things aren’t going to fail takes time and research.

But I am sure we will get there in the end, the project was never something we wanted to rush into but more importantly was something originally for discussion and idea debate. Getting the right sort of methods could be not only a lucrative business, a home but also a solution to sustainable housing issues within the Philippines islands and other countries.

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