Shipping Container House Project In Connecticut

The photos below were taken by the client owner of the shipping container home being constructed in New Haven, Connecticut.

What interested me most about this design is that they went for a more traditional looking home rather than leaving the shipping containers on view externally. Although it is a shipping container home it does seem miles away from the concept with its exterior finish.

shipping container home U.S.

Its not far off being a home and more importantly doesn’t look anything like a shipping container.interior,shipping container home

The interior finish is very typical of normal home construction and doesn’t stand out. If anything going down this route has helped hide the shipping containers completely.

shipping container balcony being framed

shipping container home,  Connecticut

Currently looks more like a school house until the cladding and windows are added below.shipping container home,  Connecticut

Nearly finished and the shipping containers start to disappear into the design.

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