Installing An Air Conditioning Unit In A Shipping Container Home

Over the years I have noticed a trend of things having to be done by “experts”. If you watch a lot of TV shows its not a case of doing it yourself but getting in people to do tasks. This is simply removing the ability from many people as instead of reaching for the toolbox they reach for the telephone to get things done. Air conditioning like many other things can be done by people at home. That includes servicing which I recommend every 3 months personally with filter cleaning every month.

Anyway just wanted to share this video of air conditioning being installed in a shipping container as it does show how quick and easy it can be done.

SNAP Hydroponics An Ideal Addition To A Shipping Container Home Roof

SNAP hydroponics setup

In recent months we have seen mango’s stolen, tomatoes and even potatoes dug up. But it got me thinking about the shipping container house communities and the fact these setups would fit neatly on the roof of shipping containers. They do need a bit of rain cover to stop it interfering with the mix of chemicals in the SNAP solution at the same time there is nothing wrong with collecting rainwater to use in the SNAP Hydroponics mixture. Very simple system that can be upscaled to suit anyone’s needs and an ideal starting point for someone wanting to grow at least some of their own food.

Now my big question is this has anyone discovered the mix for SNAP solution? Everyone wants to sell me some but at the same time the formula is going to be a lot more simple than is being made out. Any ideas?

(SNAP Hydroponics uses no electric as it doesn’t need water circulation which makes it more practical for many)

Working From Home In A Shipping Container

Working from home often isn’t easy if its not the kids its other distractions during your working hours that appear. Fact is though having a shipping container for working from home in the back garden or other location separates home and work spaces. I remember back in the UK wanting an office space away from the house for the convenience of keeping people off my work area. Nothing worse than dealing with an important client on the phone to find your pen and notepad are missing. Discussing it later to find out you had a 2 year old visit and your partner decided to let them use it as a scribbling pad. Arguments then ensue and the “but its only a pen” response inflames the situation more.

Working from home in a shipping container creates harmony as you can simply lockup your office when you leave and you also know its a secure structure reducing the risk of burglary at the same time saving marriages.

The other side of this being it keeps people out of your house which in some cases needs to happen. Over the years working in the construction field you come across the odd drug addict from time to time where nobody notices their habit until things start disappearing. Out of sight, out of mind is always the best policy.

Waying up all the options though its also the fact having a shipping container office is also cheap making it more practical than many of the other buildings on the market. I remember looking at a spruce cabin before and seeing a £10,000 price tag on it where a container before starting installing windows,doors and delivery came in at £200 at that time. Doesn’t take much considering which is the better option for the budget especially when the money you save you can have a much more secure and creature comfort office with new chairs and other furniture for the same budget.