Installing An Air Conditioning Unit In A Shipping Container Home

Over the years I have noticed a trend of things having to be done by “experts”. If you watch a lot of TV shows its not a case of doing it yourself but getting in people to do tasks. This is simply removing the ability from many people as instead of reaching for the toolbox they reach for the telephone to get things done. Air conditioning like many other things can be done by people at home. That includes servicing which I recommend every 3 months personally with filter cleaning every month.

Anyway just wanted to share this video of air conditioning being installed in a shipping container as it does show how quick and easy it can be done.

One thought on “Installing An Air Conditioning Unit In A Shipping Container Home”

  1. Thank for posting this! I work for a company that sells storage containers. We have gotten into the modification of containers as well. People always think that the containers will become SO hot when the summer comes. At least we can give them this option to install an AC. Check us out at

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