Shipping Container Store In Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

A barber and T-Shirt printing shop in one, a shipping container maybe the best option for many start up business units especially if leasing land as it can be dropped and then moved when you move. At the same time securely locking away your store front every night. This same location has another two shipping containers being used for other things, a bed spacer (room rental) which sees a 20ft container split into two bunk rooms and a battery and car/motorbike oil sales office. I have to admit they haven’t gone overboard on concealing the fact they are containers but then again do they have to? Here in the Philippines people generally aren’t bothered by the looks of things on the exterior and often the best seafood restaurants for example are just a BBQ and a few tables and chairs at the side of the road.

shipping container storeshipping container store

2 thoughts on “Shipping Container Store In Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines”

  1. What a clever business place to start your business. Nonetheless, it’s still a brilliant idea because container store are cheaper. Thus, for starters who only have a small budget for renting a store or stall then you can just shift to container store. It looks easy to clean and you have enough space to move around your store and do business.

  2. An easy solution for shopping needs, fact is I know in many other countries building codes would stop you being able to do this because it faces the main road. Its one of the good things about the Philippines (sometimes) that you can pretty much do what you want with construction.

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