Labour Federation Backs Global Tax On Ship Fuel–Another Dumb tax

The relative to this and shipping containers is were are seeing severe turmoil in the shipping fleets right now as they are being forced into bankruptcy or downsizing as the global markets change and Western demand reduces. The International Transport Workers Federation said it would support taxes on bunker fuel and vessel emissions as a way to pay for air pollution reduction efforts. For me I ask what have the “taxes” we have already paid and regularly pay done so far? In the UK we have multiple taxes on cars yet no effort is made to reduce the emissions in a sensible way. If anything its only used as an excuse to get more money from tax payers. Adding another tax onto ships just adds it on to the end consumer.

The belief being that these taxes would help developing countries fight poverty and climate change. I live in one of these corrupt banana republics and the fact is aid has stalled development for decades because it blocks rebellion. The UK government for example are well aware that getting the current financial system wrong will lead to rioting and a forcing out of the current politicians. Here in the Philippines, doesn’t exist there is a constant stream of cash coming in from abroad from overseas workers, NGOs and charities to keep a false state of security and hope. Stagnant but bleeds money from the West has it fixed the problem? no its kept the same regime in power and no doubt for the benefit of private companies over that of nations.

You see when I hear about things like a “green climate” fund and all this ideal world and healing it there is no depth to it. In reality there has been no leaps in nations developments simply because the governments are corrupt and civil wars. The reality is they don’t want development unless they control it at which point Billions disappear into private bank accounts and sent overseas.

The ITF are a typical example of either living outside of reality or in fact looking to ride the gravy train of so called change. We have employed thousands of people worldwide with sorting out the climate but how many have produced anything of value? Everyone wants to tax us but nobody seems to offer a solution just a hand out for a pay cheque.

“Negotiations are at a complete standstill – despite us being in a situation where emissions are still rising, the forecasts are becoming increasingly grave, and extraordinary weather conditions are destroying jobs, homes and peoples’ lives,” said Alana Dave, ITF climate change coordinator.

There are more jobs lost due to the economic turndown and in reality these jobs have been recreated in the East due to the greed of the corporate world wanting to produce things cheaply sacrificing Western workers for Eastern. If anything corporations needed to be heavily taxed on any of their imports that “could” be made at home. Its not rocket science if something can be produced at the same quality or better in a home country it should be highlighted as the one to buy over ones transported thousands of miles. Taxing ships makes no difference to trade whatsoever but taxing the businesses that have encouraged the exodus of business could be simply by reducing the distance travelled by goods. No extra revenue needed from you or me and at the same time generates jobs locally.

I apologise for this on but often I feel the world has gone mad with things. I hear people talking about they’re rights in a selfish manner as if they have the right to destroy something because it benefits them. In reality the planet is changing and nobody is sure why completely, the fact is though I have lived in the UK and seen tax after tax introduced for environmental reasons yet nothing changes. The fact is I am happy to live in a “box” a shipping container home and downsize everything which even in the global crisis pretty much can show if done how it makes very little difference to ones life if everything is put in balance. The fact is Western land is overpriced in many regions causing the cycle of debt and homelessness. Changing from a consumer world to a world that can tell the differences between want and need would really change the environment we live in. Education is more important than anything else these days.