Shipping Container Turned Into A Working Guitar (Cargo Guitar)

Probably the strangest thing I have seen done to a shipping container so far but if it works and helps promote music why not.

The concept is based on being able to not only hear music but experience it through the vibration and lighting. The eight strings are taken through a half twist with a vertical rod placed at the container entrance. The tuning pegs are at the vertical end of the container which allows people to alter the musical scale of the instrument. Having the strings made of radium a material that allows them to glow in the dark. If this wasn’t enough the there is a 1/4” jack to allow the guitar to be connected to an amplifier making it a real electric guitar.

If your in Japan you may be lucky enough to see it at Kobe Biennale

guitar1 A Cargo Container Turned into a Working Guitarguitar2 A Cargo Container Turned into a Working Guitarguitar3 A Cargo Container Turned into a Working Guitar