Using Google Sketch Up To Design Shipping Container Homes

Often people looking at shipping container homes are on a tight budget. On top of that they don’t want to go and do a training course as well as buy something like Autocad which may be all the bells and whistles but with shipping containers you already have fixed dimensions. This pretty much means that your working “inside a box” which sort of limits the amount of mistakes you can make construction wise as it will still need to fit into a 20ft or 40ft container  generally.

But what I did come across today was this Google sketch up video someone has put together showing how it can be done and with Google sketch up being free and quick to learn how to use would be a good start for people thinking about container buildings. I am still trying to find the time to get on there myself to start putting models together for different designs that I can give away on the but right now over worked and a busy family life leaves very little time to get started on drawing up homes.

2 thoughts on “Using Google Sketch Up To Design Shipping Container Homes”

  1. That’s a pretty poor review there buddy.

    1, Google Sketch Up is an excellent rapid visualization tool – probably the best in the World.

    However to the get your “sketches out” into the real world – ie dimensioned plans – you need the Pro Version and its $500 USD

    I have no issue with that whatsoever except that its not FREE as you and many others think.

    The business model that is used here is give away something valuable but not functionally “complete” and then sell a fairly expensive upgrade to those that actually use the tool for something rather than those that are just messing around doing “doodles”.

    You can tell those people that have actually done a project in Sketch Up – they still sign its praises but its not FREE !

    As far as doodles go….

    I know that not your design but….

    2, That is the most expensive and poorly designed container building ever – all those containers need to be off the ground for moisture control – they are BTW – and then you drive farm equipment in ? Floor Flex anyone ?

    What about cost ?

    That is one expensive shed.

    I think you should consider “investing” in a “training course” or two.


    1. The video was to show the capabilities of what can be done in Sketch up not the design but the flexibility of the software. I agree the $500 tag for the pro version is expensive at the same time most people are looking for a basic design over something complicated to get started. Bit like putting pen to paper and seeing where it leads. The design regarding moisture control depends on the construction method used as many people remove the floors and add in a concrete base. If there is a DPM added at that point it would resolve the issue. The design itself though isn’t important to the post the ability to create in Sketch up was the point of the article and the video is more a visual aid than a project interest.

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