Shipping Container Homes A Real Home!

The dispute over shipping containers being too small to live in comes up regularly but I think its more a case of what people have become used to. TV always shows the big homes as normal in every show as nobody seems to live in apartments anymore just 4 – 5 bedroom houses on their own. I sit and look at things and wonder why? because I can see big spaces that just need heating,cooling,cleaning but more importantly it seems many people are living in a museum due to the scale of the homes.

Nothing wrong with a family home just that there should be a family in it, shipping container homes due to modular states can be up scaled as needed meaning the studio flat 2 x 20ft containers is ideal for a student while the 6 x 40ft is ideal for the family of 4. Thing is if you bought the land as a student and lived in the smaller unit you could probably incorporate the small 2 x 20ft unit into the rest of the home as you expanded.

The reason I find shipping container homes real ones is that sense is they are built for peoples needs rather than consumerism telling us what we need.

A shipping container home is designed around us with its modular form allowing us to create a space that reflects us in every part of it. Giving a unique environment we can call home.