Thinking out of the box and natural cooling for shipping container homes

shipping container homes natural cooling

Natural cooling is something I will be covering in more detail in the future but I wanted to open up with this concept design which doesn’t look 100% in the garage access for example but the way its built into a hill side does throw up some very good natural cooling abilities. The fact that it appears 3/4 of the modules or shipping containers are underground allows the natural surrounding earth to not only keep it cool during the day but also warm at night. I originally was looking at an underground shipping container in a similar way for cheese making back in 2007 to keep an ambient temperature here in the Philippines. Also constructing inside the hillside does give a lower impact visually on the construction of the home which is also very appealing.

2 thoughts on “Thinking out of the box and natural cooling for shipping container homes”

  1. I am intrigued to know more about container home dwelling , would you suggest any sites and books where i can as much access and knowledge on the subject .

    would much appreciate if you could share as many details and links on container homes.

    best regards,

    ashish bhasin

    1. The container homes are a modern development you can find all over the world. Manufacturers are all over the place, are you looking at building your own from a shipping container or buying?

      I am currently looking at developing a slot wall system for modular containers, this would allow slotting doors,windows and walls where you want them and building the walls pre-insulated and pre-external finished. The problem with developments currently on container homes/modular is that the techniques vary considerably from one company to the next which is something I want to start covering shortly to give people a wider knowledge of the technology out there.

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