Shipping Container Market–DEKALB Market in Brooklyn, New York

DEKALB shipping container market layout - Brooklyn New York

What I love about this design is its keep it simple, functional but still having an artistic flair. The fact that market stalls in a traditional sense are also utilized help make this a welcoming weekend hangout and shopping location. You will notice that the shape of the exterior of the market has utilized the shipping containers as well as other walling to create a barrier, I know when I visit markets myself nothing worse than getting a gust of wind shooting through on a cold morning. The containers no doubt act as a wind break to prevent this from happening.

Dekalb - shipping container storeThe joint venture between market developers Urban Space and Youngwoo associates seems to have hit the ground running on this project and likely to be a long-term success. The design was envisioned and implemented by architect Thomas Kosbau utilizing 22 shipping containers for the project. Although primarily a market its also an outdoor community centre.

As you approach bright colours of orange,red and white colours greet you before entering through an alley between the containers into a picnic area made up of homemade picnic tables servicing the needs of buyers from the resident restaurants and cafes inside the shipping container market development.

Urban farm brooklyn new york On site is also an urban farm and garden which has been sub divided into different organisations and communities. As well as its very own BBOX radio which is soon to launch online, currently providing its beats within the boundaries of the market. The photo above is also something I wanted to add because the staggering of the units allows for the doors to open against its neighbouring shipping container as well as its neighbouring container being able to swing its door round on top of the other allowing both security and the doors to be put out of the way during retail hours. Inside the units have been insulated and dry walled as well as air conditioning added to create a functional retail unit.

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