Disaster relief shipping container house

This type of house is obviously designed to be cheap and quick to construct. My biggest concern would be the costs of this type of operation as I know more often than not NGOs (Non Government Organisations or Charities) will exploit the situation. E.g. why construct it here when it can be done in places like Haiti very cheaply as well as create some short-term work for people badly needing it? Why go with the fancy bath and sink when people just need basic functions such as a sink for kitchen use! The bunk beds look very cheap at the same time I think they would also work making them functional. But the rest of the layout I think needs work as its just not practical for the sort of areas these would be needed.

I live in the Philippines myself and we don’t use a shower for example generally its a bucket with what would look like a plastic pot to most people. Why don’t we use a shower? because the water has a lot of sulphur in it and we find we go through a lot of shower heads for that reason. Yes the mains water is likely to be less harsh but we run on a deep well as its free.. At the same time most people in developing nations are used to such hardships so having a big shower room and bathroom like in this just isn’t practical. Much better to have increased the sleeping capacity as well as a simple sink for cooking, at the back a simple wet room would be more practical and take up less space.

disaster relief shelter–shipping container home

Not trying to rip into this container too much as they may be a very valid organisation trying to do something practical. But at the same time I would question it simply because I see these sort of organisations in the Philippines all the time and its generally just a money making machine fed on poverty and hardships.