Living in a shipping container in the Philippines


When I first arrived in the Philippines I looked at the concept of a shipping container for our first home as it allows modular secure construction. At that time though we were still in the economic boom period worldwide and simply it wasn’t financially viable at that time to go down the route. But here we are the world has gone into recession and the idea rears its head once more. On top of that I came across an Expat who has already setup the units (as shown i the photo) on Mactan island Cebu which I am currently arranging to go and visit since they are up for sale. It will be interesting to do some temperature tests as well as see how the conversion was done and costs involved. No doubt in the future I can see me working on the development of container housing as it just makes so much sense financially as well as the problem of property ownership in the Philippines. These containers are sited on a leased lot and available for sale either as the container units or by taking over the lease. The practical fact is got a dispute with a crazy relative or needing to move house for other reasons with this type of construction you can pick the house up and move it to a new location. I will be doing a follow up article on this once I have visited the site.