Modern summer house for ideas to use shipping containers – by Roger Hirsch

One of the important messages I try to get over on a regular basis is that shipping container houses don’t simply have to be a dull blank wall of metal in this design you can see a lot has been done with the concept as well as the use of colour and glass to make it a spectacular home.


Modern Summer house - Roger Hirsch 

The added deck area and pool give it a homely look that is not only inviting but the mix of soft colours make it pleasant to the eye.

Sunlit glazed sitting area with high ceiling

The sitting area also offers up some interesting mixes of colour as well as light beaming from the opposite side of the house giving free lighting and warmth to the room. Airy and although looking small in width the height gives a false sense of space allowing for a small room to look huge.

image The use of floor tiles allows light reflection from the large north facing glazed window/doors allowing more light into the house simplicity and open spaces have been the key in making this work.

Beautiful summerhouse lounge

Although the upper window on the left looks an interesting concept its not practical but the light beaming down from the roof in the centre is allowing light right across the open staircase to the windows on the opposite wall giving free light and warmth to the room.

use of light and space in a sitting area

The gap expansion between wall and support beam allows light to radiate through the house and even though its a small space the fact that it exists also gives space for heat build up from the light spanning through the glass giving free heat in those winter days.

The whole concept on this modern summer house is maximising the light and colour manipulation. In the evenings the internal lighting of the house illuminates the home promoting the internal structures. Along the pool lights softly glow in the evening as with the deck giving an ideal area for entertaining.

The home is approx 1,600 sq ft and resides on a 60ft by 160ft lot in Fire Island Pines, New York (off south shore long island).

I would advise taking a look at Fire Island via Google as it throws up some interesting ways of life. There are no roads its all wooden boardwalks and the majority of this house was transported on golf cart sized vehicles. The majority of people move things around with pull-carts along the 30 mile sand bank stretch which is only 1 mile wide.