Shipping Container Home – Why build with shipping containers?

Many people get puzzled by the fact others are choosing to build a Shipping Container Home never mind wanting to build one. In reality a Shipping Container Home is cost affective but not always in obvious sense. Out here in the Philippines for example shipping containers are getting close to construction costs using concrete. The differences are though by building a Shipping Container Home you are likely to be building a smaller better designed home compared to conventional structures. On top of that utilizing more local materials than you would normally you can see the project being environmentally friendly as well.

But it doesn’t stop there because I know people start to calculate in fuel costs to get the shipping containers to site and the detoxifying the containers before use. But what about aluminum containers as they also exist. What about the fact because you built a smaller Shipping Container Home than you would have built a normal home means your heating and cooling less giving you a lower carbon footprint long term? In fact most people using containers for home are happily minimalistic and looking for a more outdoor surrounding rather than bricks and mortar. This means the inside space may be smaller but also that your more likely to sit on a porch or have an outdoor dining area giving a more friendly environment to live.

These are but a few reasons I choose shipping container homes over conventional structures.