Shipping Container Grocery Store – Seattle, U.S.

Shipping container Grocery Store

The Stockbox Grocers venture idea is to bring essential groceries and fresh produce to urban areas that struggle for access and cost of healthy food. The first miniature shipping container grocery store opened in Delridge in Seattle. Its the prototype of the venture and will be tested at its location for 2 months before looking Stockbox look to introduce other mini grocery stores around Seattle.

The concept and hopes of Stockbox is that it will become easy for residents to walk or bike to the stores to buy fresh food. A small grocery store can meet the needs of urban communities and in reality it used to! We have been slowly converting things to suit the car and the out of town shopping when in theory these places should never have been removed. The advantages of this model though is partnering deals will be struck to allow the Stockbox grocers to operate on car parks around Seattle. The other positive thing about this venture is its targeting the people within communities that only have public transport as an option which isn’t the greatest when looking to shop.

Monday September 12th seen Ferrence and Jacqueline Gjurgevich open the first store at West Haven Apartments car park in Delridge. The small stores can handle 5 customers at a time only need one attendant and will be open 7 days a week.

“A lot of people who come in are breaking down the myth that people of low income and mixed income don’t want access to organic or natural food,” Ferrence tells GOOD. In the first week, the shop proved to be successful and interestingly enough, the most popular items were orange juice, lemons, Dave’s Killer Bread, corn and Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

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