Research facility made from Shipping containers – Northern Queensland,Australia

Doesn’t look like much in the photo below but as you see the end result is a nice retreat in the wilderness allowing natural cooling,ventilation and also importantly functional.Research facility made from shipping containers - Nothern Queensland, Australia

What I liked about the design is that’s its all been done on a practical basis with no money wasted on things not needed. I also like the raised deck as it allows water to pass underneath in heavy rain but also would help with cooling the building. The roof deck is also a great idea for seating as well as clothes drying etc. This shipping container building is used as a research facility in a rainforest that is only accessible on a small dirt track used by wood loggers in Northern Queensland. So getting things there as well as being able to build the facility with limited tools made the shipping containers ideal for this role. The other thing you will notice on the left hand side of the building below is that a rainwater harvesting system has been introduced for the needs of the facility.Research facility made from shipping containers - Nothern Queensland, Australia  Another important factor for it being on stilts by the way is its location as there are many snakes as well as white tail rats. On top of that building on stilts also means you don’t have to level the ground which in this instance was also very important as they didn’t want to cause soil erosion.

To read more about the design and see more of the photos of the building being built please take a look at their site here.