25 reasons for building shipping container homes

1. Utilizes wasted shipping containers that may never see any other use.

2. Economically its a cheap solution to home building.

3. Ideal for emergency and disaster relief.

4. Quick to construct and even fast if modular internal fittings.

5. Stackable giving a quick and easy solution to “adding the games room!”.

6. Easy to source shipping containers to buy internationally.

7. It will give a unique and interesting home.

8. Creates minimalist living allowing people to de-clutter their lives.

9. Almost anyone can build a container home or at least design it within basic metrics.

10. Ease of conversion from a shipping container to a home.

11. Able to say “I did that” when its finished.

12. Environmentally friendly and a symbol of environmental awareness.

13. Fashionable building concept.

14. Smaller homes mean a small land needed either giving a cheaper purchase price on land or a bigger garden.

15. going minimalistic also means that your electrical and water supply could go off grid due to drastically reducing your use/waste.

16. Sets the standard to show your kids you are doing your bit in helping the planet.

17. Friendly community of shipping container home builders professional and DIY.

18. Brings a house within reach of people who cannot afford one otherwise.

19. Hurricane resistant.

20. Earthquake resistant.

21. Typhoon resistant.

22. Can be constructed in modular form then transported to site making it easier to build.

23. Lots of great ideas on how and what to build on the internet to help you with your first shipping container home.

24. Can be made mobile or semi-mobile for those travelling such as in the construction industry.

25. Practical and in a frame structure that is easy to understand.