Phuket Prefab by A Site Specific Experiment

The main idea of bringing in the designs from outside the blog is to show that things can be done via modular and shipping container housing. A Site Specific Experiment offer many designs and projects they have completed in Thailand.

Phuket modular prefab

What I like about this design is its opened up 1/4 of the building to the elements allowing a seating area outside while still under shade. Could see this sort of design being used in many locations including things like sub-division developments where you need an office to show off your designs for the construction site but once completed you can relocate the entire office to a new development.

Phuket prefab modular office

Phuket prefab modular office

I could quite happily see myself working away at the bottom of the garden in one of these being able to shut myself off from noise when I want while still having the light makes a great working environment. Also means I can have tea with my wife on the porch in the afternoons.