Future Shack – Sean Godsell designed emergency and relief housing out of a shipping container


Sean Godsell designed emergency and relief housing that utilize recycled shipping containers. They can be mass produced, inexpensive to construct and maintain, and easy to ship and stockpile, the containers are a standard 8 feet wide by 8 feet high by 20 feet long. Adequate for temporary housing and relief in an emergency situation. and adequate size for temporary housing. The future shack design also allows for use of local products for such things as the formation of the roof.image



The front of the building offers a ramp for access due to its raised height as the legs also allow adjustment for uneven ground. The walls also raise to provide extra shade and create a makeshift balcony. There is also roof openings to allow ventilation as well as the roof canopy. Making the building not only functional in an emergency but also so it feels more like “home”.


Inside the container the walls are lined with plywood and features built in furniture. A table and bed that folds down from the wall and another wall that contains the plumbing fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom. This design allows maximising space as folding the table/bed away allows the room to be multi purpose as well as space and functionality when needed.

The design of the building offers functionality with a simple but homely experience. It may not be the greatest of interior designs but its not supposed to be, practicality and costs are the main concern here and it meets those issues well and on budget.