Digicel, container school – Haiti

digicel container school haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti: Seen its first partnership school construction project with shipping containers as a joint venture between Digicel and USAID.

École Louis de Borno in Léogâne  the town located at the epicentre when an earthquake hit will be utilizing the new school for 600 primary school students.

Part of this project involved utilizing local youth between the ages of 15 – 24 which don’t have vocational training and from a non-formal education to assist in the construction.

There is also 100 people being employed at a pre-fabrication plant to assist with the projects as the project is looking to construct 50 such schools to educate upto 30,000 children per a 2 shift schooling system.

The construction of the school unit is simple as its only 2 x 20ft containers with an additional ventilated roof structure. Simple but functional as well as a cheap hardy option.

The USAID partnership procured 100 containers for the shipping container school projects in Haiti and is part of the joint task force in Haiti’s humanitarian aid mission, in response to the earthquake.