20ft Shipping containers for sale P60,000 each may vary in price recommend email for confirmation of availability–Cebu, Philippines




Part of the shipping container housing we are looking to do is to encourage others to get involved and DIY (do it yourself!) which is why this project has come up which is basically we supply “SECONDHAND” containers at P60,000 each now these have been used and will be battered in some way no doubt but you have to remember your cladding over the exterior/interior and on top of that they were designed for ship travelling in some of the worst conditions on the planet. Doesn’t mean they are going to be battered to death but it does mean that your buying a pretty indestructible module if you take care of it. Rust issues will be minimalized due to the type of steel involved and like most things its all about preparation rather than finish.

So if your looking for a 20ft container they are P60,000+ delivery we also provide 40ft but due to the road conditions within Cebu I would recommend buying 2 20ft and welding them together as getting a truck with HIAB (crane) is possible or even using a forklift or backhoe to unload and move to final destination where as using 40ft containers the issues become more complex.

Email :- Matt_Wilkie@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. Hi. We found your page in the net, and we are really interested, to know more about the idea for a housing in containers. planned are 2x 20 feet. how much would it cost, to buy and to move them to panglao-bohol? our plan is, to install them in a 90 degree-angle. in the corner between will be the shoer and cr. what do you think about it? what is your expirience about cost’s for a sleepingroom in 1 of them, an 1 salon incl. kitchen in the other? we are thankful for any information, who can help us to deside. thanks very much. hanspeter and thata kobelt, sunrise tawala, panglao-bohol. email: alonafun@yahoo.de

    1. Current problem is prices moved from P60,000 each to P86,000 which is a huge leap for the 20ft containers. Moving to Bohol would advise me getting them loaded from here and you getting it done your end on arrival at port as it will no doubt work out cheaper.

  2. Hi,
    Please provide current price of a used 1×40 container. Container will be used in Cebu, but it is ok if container is with -in Metro Manila as we are also planning to use it first to transport some things from Manila to Cebu.


  3. Overpopulation and mobility changed our life style and living today. Natural disaster frequently makes thousands of people houses less; to overcome from all these types of situations containers homes can be the best option. Containers homes are so much easy to build in short period of time and this is also a safe way for living.

  4. Shame about the price, seems a little high for a used that would be chopped (Cut and build out). I have done many conversions in my time, generally since I have worked in often remote or post conflict and conflict regions where ISO containers are often abandoned. In terms of housing it is a great building block, but the factor in the PI is all about cost. When high end (Not native) Block, re-bar, cement sand is cheaper the container price @60K and the logistics of transporting plus setting down add’s considerably to the cost. I would go for ISO builds if containers were in the 30k region and importantly near with access to a crane otherwise it is not financially viable if you are planning to use this simply as a build solution.

    You need welding gear (Cutting and joins), then you need to frame the interior, lay the wiring and plumbing, the clad, floor and paint, likewise install windows, doors. The container as is (ISO) can be inspiring, the large doors can not only secure by add to the build as a patio with canopy, even insert glass sliding doors and still lock-up; ideal for beach property, weather hardy and great security, moreover it is technically movable (Why I used it, relocation site to site), but laying a foundation (Post) is recommended, not just for levels, but water/flood, insect & Animal etc. The one issue is heat, it attracts heat, great if you want a mushroom grow room, but in terms of housing you need to think of cooling, roof soil garden is a method, likewise soil packing, literally cover the rear and sides and top in soil and grass it (Looks like a hill), I have seen a design using this and tilled contours growing an impressive garden, Or – drop it underground, more complex and a mire of issues if you are just a DIY person, but less footprint as you can use the top for anything.

    For anyone interested in the cost, my build for a one B/room, living area + amenities (Shower/Toilet), wiring and solar (Small for lighting) and outside cladding is around 200,000 peso, my container cost 30K and still sea worthy (Lucky as this is the value). I can build for less, and I have the equipment (welding gear) and use of a crane, a huge saving; but I do it to advocate recycling and as a novelty that is a resilient and functional structure, one that is modular and your creativity is the only limitation (Stacking and weight baring considerations).

    One issue, and why I build on pillars (Post x 6), getting a permit, (Building) in the PI that can be a ball ache, no matter if you can validate structural integrity, ISO compliance. So I gave up on a fixed build and simply classified it as a temp structure with no foundation.

    1. Dear Kevin,

      My name is Evelyn with Kababayan Foundation, a non-profit organization. We would like to get information about your business. Our organization would be helping the Haiyan typhoon survivors rebuild their homes. Could you please email me back so we could talk more about it? Thanks.

  5. I’m interested if cost is right . I’m from Cagayan de Oro though so shipping is an issue . Pls reply .

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