Folding shipping container

folding shipping container

There is a bit of divide between people being green wanting to reuse old containers and those looking to build a budget home. At the same time one of the biggest costs involved with shipping container homes as well as shipping containers in general is transportation. So in reality having folding shipping containers is not only green because it would reduce the number of empty containers stacked up at ports by being able to make it cost affective to send containers back empty. But also for someone like me who’s interested in the modular construction having folding units means transporting to where they will be used as construction blocks can reduce costs by being able to transport several on the same truck. As well as obviously reduce fuel usage for those thinking on the green side.

Size wise this design by Staxxon actually reduces a containers size by 4/5ths meaning you can get 4 containers in the same space that one would normally occupy. Only real issue is how do you transport loads of these at once? ideally it should form up a container from 4 folded ones but I believe currently it can’t but also to be moved around cranes and other equipment would need to be adapted so another expensive headache although with fuel prices increasing modifying equipment may pay in the long run as well as the fact if a single unit can be built from 4 locking together that may get round the problem.

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  1. Thanks for the kind mention of Staxxon’s patented container folding and nesting technology. A few corrections to the post:

    1. The folding/nesting technology allows up to 5 containers to be nested in the same physical space as 1 container and the dimensions of the nested set are identical to that of a regular container.

    2. The folding/nesting technology does not require 5 containers-folding and nesting can be accomplished with 2, 3, 4 or 5 containers.

    3. Because the exterior dimensions remain identical after folding/nesting, equipment that is used today to lift, move, stack and stow containers at terminals and depots can be used. No new equipment is required to lift, move, stack or stow folded/nested container sets.

    4. Maintaining the dimensions after folding/nesting means that the corner posts and the corner castings (where those holes are at the top and bottom of each corner) are in the exact same location as they would be on a regular container.

    If your readers have more questions, send me email: tstitt at or call +1.650.523.4944. Thanks again. Tom

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