container home made from truck fuel trailer

When I came across this idea it did seem a bit unrealistic but the potential is there for the conversion and like most things its down to personal preference more than anything else. The whole idea is based on the fact with oil scarcity likely to continue vehicles that are likely to see themselves removed from the roads at some point in the near future will be liquid trailers/tankers. Which then opens up the ideas on what to do with them. Aristede Antonas has a vision of putting these units to use and what better than having a vehicle that can be unhitched from the front truck unit giving mobile transportation or easy delivery to site.

The containers themselves are already structurally sound for the use as a home being waterproof and well insulated, adapting the units with doors and windows would obviously be something that would take them from a trailer into a home and an interesting idea to a problem that will occur in the future.

On a green evolution level if the continued oil prices stay high and continue to cause inflation across many markets “shopping local” will become more appealing to the masses and drag many of these vehicles from the road as simply no longer required. May be years away yet but the possibility of it happening is more real than most people imagine.

 converted liquids trailer home  converted liquids trailer home  converted liquids trailer home converted liquids trailer home