4 x 40ft shipping container home design idea

When starting to design a shipping container home its always good to have a starting point, an idea from where to build from. I came across this home which has dimensions that doing the build with 4 x 40ft containers would actually give you a bigger home than it but the design throws up a home that is a bit unique and its porch deck area which is another feature that could be utilized doing it with shipping containers is an added bonus. Creating the frame then dropping the containers onto the frame before welding them together would give you a straight surface to mount the containers. Utilizing the roof space as well you can set it up with solar panels and have the house installed with 12v lighting. In fact the house below is running on solar energy and is located in the Mojave Desert. Built by Blue Sky Homes its a simple and unique 2 bedroom home that pretty much offers everything a couple would need.shipping container home idea from desert home

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  1. I am interested in making an old age home to house 100 people in the Himalayas. Would it be possible to make so many container homes. How many floors can the building be? What will be the cost of making the homes in 20 foot container.
    Look forward to your reply. If you have any idea to support this cause please do let me know.

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