Why live in a shipping container?

Over the years I look at different ways lands are taxed and how much space we actually use. Lets face it most of the space around us we are taking up we mainly use for walking and wouldn’t it actually be better that it was outside and a nice garden area rather than a tiled large kitchen floor for example?

On top of that reducing the square footage can no doubt reduce your taxation and in many places planning permission isn’t needed for a container as its a movable structure. My question should be why aren’t more people living in shipping containers?

It offers a storm proof home and if built off the ground is also above flood levels in a lot of cases for people thinking of the extreme circumstances. At the same time if constructed correctly natural cooling and heating can cut costs or even if heated and cooled via other means the reduced space means reduced bills.

So why live a shipping container simply doesn’t only come down to financial and life choices but also the fact we have a growing population that will continue to need more food as well building shipping container homes can actually reduce the square footage people take up at the same time allow more space for growing foods or other resources that may be needed/wanted.

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