Shipping containers for bedspacers or homes in the Philippines


The designs above are by Tempohousing which are sold for around 20,000 Euros they come complete delivered to site, completely fitted out with bathroom, kitchen, heating, electricity, isolation, windows and doors. Via the local brand ‘Keetwonen’, the company last year finished a student village in Amsterdam. It consists of a thousand shipping containers, distributed among 6 apartment buildings.

But I just wanted to show what can be done with a bit of design with a shipping container and on top of that a lot of the facilities on the buildings can be reduced here in the Philippines as they simply aren’t needed which heavily reduces the costs of the construction. This year we are looking to develop several designs for “factory construction” here in Cebu where things will be either made to order or from stock allowing quick transportation of housing. This part of the market is primarily for students, offices and small homes which we look to build on over the forthcoming years to offer a broad variety of designs as well as options on each model.

2 thoughts on “Shipping containers for bedspacers or homes in the Philippines”

  1. Hi Matt, these designs are sure firing up my thought process, I love the simple design that we could achieve inline with the mobiel home for students etc, a great idea as well, e-mail me some costs etc for completed units, i want to design my own for the workers

    1. Hi James,
      will sort something out towards the end of the week got someone moving into an apartment I am just about finished have to go over everything to make sure everything is working properly. But also got several people viewing other properties which are keeping me in and out this week. What location are you looking at having them placed? Any idea if single level and sizes if 20ft or 40ft units?

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