Container home living is practical even with large quantities of people ( Below is a 600 strong camp in Iraq )

project by Ternirgroup for a 600 person camp in Iraq using modular construction

Formation of concrete base with steel reinforcement

Now the priority with the military is functionality not being pretty. But I can see how a little bit of work on the modular structures as well as adding colour to garden areas would actually make this more appealing if in another scenario “general public”. I look at where we are in the Philippines and wonder how much would something like this cost to construct and soon enough I will have worked through the first phases.

Because in the future I would like to look at this as a real project for helping those who cannot afford housing at the same time I would be looking to make it a sustainable project. I have spent the last few years looking at charities and NGO’s and wondering how many actually help. Food programs end up with people waiting for it every day instead of trying to improve their lives. Modular cost affective housing might be part of the solution but education would be badly needed in encouraging people to do things for themselves. Sexual education is still a problem due to the power of the church which is one of the main causes of the constant population boom which needs to stop as soon as possible to let the country fall in line if the population birth rates became under control naturally most other things would actually improve.