Space the next frontier

Space the next frontier is the real problem that puts people off living in a shipping container home. The thing is how much space is enough? The dimensions of a shipping container home aren’t ideal due to its width if the building was actually shorter and wider it could probably encourage more interest for people. But then again if its utilized properly surely even that doesn’t matter as people live in narrow boats without any problem.

Its all about changing peoples perspectives as well as spending a bit of time in the mobile home and boating industries to see what they do about bed space and everything else to maximize the smallest of areas without compromising on quality and functionality.

A Plasma or LCD TV for example probably takes up 1/5th of the same space as the old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) yet people instead of regaining space move up from a 22” to a 60” which makes sense on a blank wall but if its taking up more space inside a giant TV unit except for the viewing pleasure what else was the benefit of a reduced size TV?

If you look at coffee tables, dining tables etc. most of the time they are actually in the way are they needed full-time or can something be done to adjust the space they take up or even double function such as a coffee table being a lidded box instead of just somewhere to stick a cup.


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  1. Ha ha ha, hey Matt you could probably convince barmy Joe Boggo or the expat gun barmy army that this is good, but we have already observed that they do stupid stuff, NO Pinoy or Pinay would ever want to own one, talk about it yes, but own no, they are firmly commited to H/B and cement, as am i.

    1. They already do exist same as the West know of several houses in Cebu constructed from modular container construction. There are even companies building completely steel homes using exterior cladding as well as steel/aluminium stud partitions. Greg May if you look on my Facebook also lives in shipping containers. There are a lot of companies interested in the same concept for offices as well and comparing prices currently to the hollowblock methods. In reality even with the price hikes on the containers recently they are still cheaper than traditional housing with less maintenance and in most cases will survive most disasters due to the design. Can’t say the same about most concrete structures here or in the case of China its schools when they all collapsed during earthquakes.

  2. Hey matt i have built one house of 70sq metre from scratch and renovated two others here in Isabela, all have survived cat #4 & 5 hurricanes and earth tremors that we all encounter here, they all came through with zero to only flying debris damage and know i can build cheaper and better than container housing, and desirable enough for local people to want them. I and my family have sat through cat # 4 & 5 recently. Reason and practicality have little to do with living here, we all know that by now, so all i am saying is the vast majority of Filipino people would not be seen dead in a shipping container house, they would be the laughing stock of the barangay, i saw an excellent hotel up north from containers, my wife laughed when i suggested staying and the receptionist said always no business, I hate being laughed at!

    1. There was a huge amount of people that voted for Erap an ousted president in the last presidential elections why would I even consider the way most of them think? The people that would buy these are generally OFW’s coming back. There are several reasons why the first one is they can be factory built which means the overshot costs that happen to OFWs on nearly every project they fund when abroad wouldn’t happen. Yours may have survived tremors and hurricanes but how many didn’t?

      As regards hotels its all about how its constructed there are places south of me where the containers are used for individual hotel rooms and the same is done on Boracay. But then again sure the first people who thought to build with straw and mud were laughed at as well but their structures are still being used now..

      Price wise based on the apartment I constructed here the saving by using a shipping container would be cheaper but also the timescale would have been half got a few more projects to do this year but after that will start constructing them to show how cheaply it can be done.

      Final note though we do have in Minglanilla bedspacers, a wine shop and a roadside restaurant all built in shipping containers (For those interested in looking couple of doors up from Gaisano Minglanilla.

  3. I`m not criticising just for the sake of it matt, but i as you, have tried changing peoples mindsets, you’ve had plenty of experience of it, mindsets are firmly locked into H/B and cement, as for costs, per squ metre by the time they are shipped, located, services connected i 100% believe they would come in more expensive, how much was the last 20 ft container you bought bud, how many sq metre, 19 or 20 inside?, and OFW will waffle all they want when working away, as soon as they return to wifey and mom and pop, and uncle harry, the barangay captain etc, they do as they are told mate, like i said, lets just forget common sense and logic, why apply logic to ilogical situations and people?
    Put a thermometer in the lounge of one of the apartments at miday and check the temp and pop along to one oy the structures you know of and do the same, a false roof with an airgap would solve that problem but they still look like damn crappy containers!

    1. The services etc. would still need to be connected. Although as a factory unit you can pre-install all the plumbing and electrics etc. ready for final fitting. 40ft containers are around P140,000 – P160,000 that is completely refitted and painted like new not bruised and battered. The scale slides downwards from there. You also have to remember its how its built, I am looking at the units being constructed from new in a pre-slot wall system where the main parts your keeping are the roof, corners, floor and ends. The rest is removed and slot walling installed. The slot walls come pre-insulated which are a metal cladding exterior with reflective paint. Insulation then interior finished. Even if not interior finished adding a space between the exterior and interior walls with vents would assist in lowering the temperature. Hollowblock on the other hand retains heat even into the evening. Transportation is a key issue at the same time its not supposed to be for everyone its primarily for mass construction and things like beach cottages where its easy to mount on pillars.

      As regards finish :- take a look along the exterior wall for the side that is roadside. Its how you finish it, look at 90% of houses here most people don’t even paint concrete can’t say that looks much better infact the sea of grey is something I do find really odd here when people invest a fortune in a big house but not P500 in a tin of paint.

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