Shipping container home – Ktainer

Shipping container home - Ktainer

I came across this website today and the most interesting thing about it is the way they have shown their ideas from the initial stage to the construction they have decided on for the shipping container home. The advantages of that in the shipping container home concept is that if your new to it you can see people’s ideas that you may expand on and use for your own builds. The advantage of that also means that you can learn by other peoples mistakes as well as see what works and what doesn’t something that can save a lot of money. Anyway just wanted to share Ktainer with you and there are some interesting things to see on their site. I particularly like this design for a stairwell between floors :-

shipping container home stairs

Which also goes to show the amount of time and effort that has gone into the building of the container home but also the amount of work that has gone into their site so please take a look well worth it.