Shipping container bedspacer (room rentals) for the Philippines


One of my biggest ideas for shipping container use is worker housing especially with the new Mall opening up on the SRP once its finished. Bedspacer accommodation as they call it here in the Philippines are room rentals but often the room will be shared due to the limited budget workers have. When I came across this today designed by Zerocabin it makes practical sense. Most bedspacers have a budget of around P1,000 per month each so this would give a monthly income of P8,000 or if really ramming people in there P16,000 a month but would need to use bunks and add some extra facilities for people such as outside sitting areas. If done right though this could be a very lucrative business and even within short stay accommodation it could work for people e.g. wanting an overnight stay before going to the airport wanting to be within 5mins taxi ride or for many other uses. The important thing here though is its cost to construct would be relatively cheap depending on the market your aiming at, accommodation even for “cheap” in Cebu often runs at P900 – P1,800 a night depending on time of year so many options can be utilised and maybe even a practical way to provide housing for your own workers.

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