HIVE concept of shipping container living

HIVE arial rendering

This concept is a different type to the eco village setup although does show some interesting uses of containers as homes as well as for building a community of artists.


is to design and build an affordable, inhabitable work of art as a community. By recycling the humble and strong steel shipping container, we propose to create a beautiful, green, sustainable, safe and secure village for thriving cultural exchange and enterprise. Inspired by artists, creative professionals and environmentalists, we will work in partnerships with individuals and organizations to experiment and discover the next generation of responsible building and living practices. We plan to offer an increasing variety of tenant uses, including office, studio, retail, restaurant, entertainment and residential opportunities. We hope to replicate or adapt HIVE in other locations around the world. HIVE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

For more information on HIVE you can visit their website at